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It is a shame that people have forgotten what Memorial Day is for.It is not to tahnk a the Vets. for their service,but to our men and women who have given their lives in battle or as a result of their wounds.We thank people who serve on Veterans Day.I remember my friends who were K.I.A,s in Vietnam-DennisDennySchlott,Tommy Cardiff,and CharlesChuckCollene.To me this is a solemn day of honoring those and all the others that have laid it all down.God Bless-Semper Fi-Mike
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This is a day to remember my father, Leonard J. Greeley II, and his father Leonard J. Greeley I, and those many others in my family including my own mother Mary J. McAvoy for their service to our country.
J. McCabe
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The absolute best Memorial Day parades were in the cities of San Diego and Honolulu. Huge parades with great floats. It seemed like those cities with military installations would have the best parades. When I was young, I would march with the Boy Scouts and also with American Legion Post 6 in our home town as well as Cincinnati and Cleveland. Dad would not miss a parade, he was honored.
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Although I was in the Army in the early 70s and was rather young, I dont think I ever realized the importance of serving my country and the sacrifices so many made before me. I am very honored and thankful for the opportunity I had to serve my country. After a trip to the WWII museum in New Orleans it was actually the D Day Museum the first time I visited there, I realized the brave men and women of the Greatest Generation strapped on a pack, laced up their boots and picked up a weapon and saved our world. No one said Hell no, I wont go. I was profoundly moved by the visit to the museum and will be forever grateful for the men and women that saved our world from tyranny.
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This day is for all the fallen brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price for freedom as they are the real heros, along with all the Military Famlies who bear the burden of the loss of thrse Heros.I would also like to thank all the famlies of the active, reserve and retired military who have manned the home front for us, as they, as well as this great country,is why we have made and are making the sacrefice of being in harms way so much easier. I would also like to make mention of all our brothers and sisters who are still missing I would like to sayYOU ARE NOT AND WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.I am proud to have served 26 years in the AIR FORCE and two tours in Viet Nam.
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