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Ex. Military Lingo � Boonies = The Jungle in Military Speak
A Soldier Relaxing in
The Boonies- a.k.a. the Jungle
All Era Military Lingo, Jargon or Slang
Squid Billy: A Navy enlisted Person who listens to Hill Billy music.

"Prop Wash" ( Wind coming from a propeller): What you sent new (O J T) air plane mechanics to supply room to get.

F*#kin A: slang for any response, good or bad

John Wayne: can opener

OLD MAN: Squardon or Base Commander

R & O: receiving and outfitting

Sh**can (the old galvanized can): The barraks trash can, as in deep six that in the sh**can

TILLIE: Crash crane used on carriers

Top: 1st Sgt.

Walking Point: First guy leading a patrol in jungle

"A Weapons Carrier": A 2/4 ton Army vehicle (a size between a Jeep and a "Deuce and 1/2").

"Class A's": Army Dress Uniform (Another name for ODs).

"Cut a chogie": Leave in a hurry

"DRAGONWAGON": M-123 10 Ton Tank Transporter.

"Fagot" (bundle of sticks): MiG-15 Soviet-built fighter/interceptor (NATO nickname).

"Fatigues": Army field or duty uniform. Now replaced by "Camos".

"Go ask Gunny for the box of "ST-1: box of ST-ONES, get it? Marine Corps

"Go tell it to the chaplain": A "brush off"; "don't tell us your problems."

"Goon Platoon": Marginally performing "boots" put into a "F***Up" platoon for extra marches.

"Hershey Bar": Dirt or mud dried on boots, not shined; "looked like they're polished with a Hershey Bar!"

"I wear my fray jacket for protection": Bulletproof vest.

"Just a Skosh": Skosh, apparently Japanese meant "a little"..as in "bring your range up just a skosh".

"Pass the cow", or "the Armored Car.": Canned milk.

"Short Sheeting": To mischieviously make up a guy's army bunk so that the top sheet is folded in half so that he can't extend his legs.

"Short-arm Inspection" : Medics' surprise middle of the night exam of troops for VD symptoms.

"Trick" : A duty shift.

"Wingman": A friend willing to take one for the team!

# 1: the best

# 10: no good

#1: Very Good

$1.97: 197th Infantry Brigade at Fort Benning, GA

0: 0

0: 0

0: 0

0: 0

0: 0

0 Dark ugly: Early in the morning

03: Marine infantry, 0311,0331 machine gunner, 0341 mortar man , 0351 ect.

03 bullet catcher: Nickname for Marine 0311 Infantry

03-Hump-a-lot: Infantry soldier (0311)

03-Walk-A-Lot: Infantry (USMC)


1 Digit Midget: 9 days left on enlistment

10 feet of water line: the line that is painted on the water line of the ship boots usually sent to get some

10 feet of waterline: Imaginary line(rope) the new crew members are sent looking for

100 yards of flightline: imaginary item new Air Force troops are sento out for.

100 yards of sky-line/ Shore-line/ tree-line: "Boots" or "Cherries" sent to supply Officer in the field for non existant items

100-mph-tape: Army OD green duct tape - can be used to repair a jeep and hold up to speeds of 100 mph

100ft of chow line: To send new recruites to get from supply room.

11 (eleven) up, 3 (three) down = 8 up (Ate up): Mathematical equation suggesting someone is screwed up

11 Bang Bang: Army Infantry (Grunt)

11 BOO: Army Grunt

11 Boo: Army Grunt ( infantry )

11 Bullet stopper: Infantry

11 Bulletstopper: Army infantry soldier.

11 Bush: Army 11B infantry soldier

11 choo choo: Heavy Weapons Infantry Mortars

11 Up 3 Down: ate up, ...uniform looks like crap, doesn't know or suspect nothing

117: 1 pick 1 shovel 7 days a week (combat engineer.


1505s: USAF "Khaki" Dress Uniform

19th hole: Nickname for any bar, EM club, or NCO club

1st and Dime: 1st Battalion 10th

1st Hog: First Sgt

1st or 2nd luitenant: Louie

2 diget midget: Has less than 100 days left before enlistment is up.

2-Digit Midget: Personnel with less than 100 days of active service remaining.

2FF2R: Too F**kin Fast to Recognize

2nd john: 2nd lieutenant

3 up 2 Down: Gunny.

3 up and 2 down: Gunny

30 Day Wonder: Any Reserve Officer

30 days and awake-up. Air Force: 30 days before a person returns to the United States Mainland.

35-10: wearing the Air Force uniform correctly, i.e.. "you're out of 35-10"

4 skins on toast: thin slices of corn beef in white cream sauce on toast


5 will get you 10: Asking for a loan until payday

5-Jump Chump: A person who has made the barebone minimum number of parachute jumps to get/keep their airborne status.

50 Mission Chursh: When they had Head phones that you put on over your Hat. Air Force

50 yards of flight line.: Non existing rope new airmen are sent to get from Maintance NCO.

500 Feet of Grid Line: Sent new Artillery guys looking for this. Grid lines on military maps

500-mph-tape: silver-duct-tape used by ordinance men for arming-wires

505 on bracelet on wrist: captain said that means you hate the government??

55 gal Drum of Rotor Wash: Send newbees to tool shed to get to wash helicopters.

6 BY or 6x6: Like a 4x4 only much bigger and 2 extra axles

6 P: Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

6-bi: 5 ton truck in U.S.M.C.


782 gear: Marine slang, for all infantry gear, etool canteens, you name it,except boots,rweapons uniforms .

782 gear: All web gear and accessories (canteen, knife, helmet, 1st aid kit)


82nd to non-jumpers: Legg: Non-airborne troops


90 Day Wonder: someone made a commissioned officer after 90 days training.

90 day Wonder: 2nd Lt., Officers Training School Graduate

90 day wonders: reserve troops

91 bulletstopper: Corpsman (MOS 91 Bravo)

97 Buddy F***er: counter intel special agents with CID dreams

A "Dear John" Letter: A letter from a girlfriend, informing a Service Man that "it's all over; I'm dating another guy."

A "Deuce and a Half": A two and a half ton army truck.

A Bob Tail: Dishonorable discharge.

A bucket of steam: on ship new recruit told to fetch one from engine room

A Buzz: Rumor.

A can of "Night Vision": newbies sent for non existant item

A Crash: An omelet.

A dump of bird turds: A B-52 unloading its bomb load

a few Klicks down the road: kilometers...Klicks'

A Hammer: A good looking gal

A hole on the wall.: Unlikable area. Boring!!!!

A Kraut: A German soldier

A piece: A rifle


A S H Receiver: ash tray

A Walk in the Sun: A combat patrol

A-799: Coding on airplane gripe sheet, meaning you couldn't duplicate the gripe; also the pilot that loves to write up gripes for no reason.

a.s.a.p.: as soon as possible

A.S.H. Receiver: New Marines sent to get on the flight line asap

a.s.h. reciever: ash tray

ACOP: Aircraft Out Of Commission For Parts

Acting Jack: Acting sergeant.

Acting Jack: Temporary Rank for SGT or CPL

Acting-jack: Someone temp. promoted to next higher NCO status IE: E-4 to E-5

AD: Military Police lingo for an Accidental Discharge - when you fired off a round by mistake.

adonis: Code name for old off line mechinal crypto system.


AFSC: Air Force Specialty Code (Occupation Code and Title)

After burner: a flaming A-hole

AFU: All F****d Up

AGE Troop: Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic

agent orange: chemical used to killtree,s and under brush/DIXON see va gov.com

Airborne Shuffle: The prescribed steps towards the door for a jump

Airborne Stick: Jumpmaster.


Airdale: Navy enlisted personnel with an aviation rating.

Airdale: Sailor attached to an Air Wing.

Airdale: U.S. Navy personnel involved with Navy flight operations, etc.

Airdale: Person who is part of airplance crew on a carrier.

Alcoholics Anonymous: What the "AA" on the patch of the 82 ABN stands for, (As well as All American!)

Alert shack: Bomber crew quarters on the flightline for instant response to nuclear-laden bombers on alert status.

Alibi Order: An extra shot on the range because the rifle malfunctioned.

Alice: day pack

All Shook Up: all stressed out

All Shook Up: Battle Fatigue

All sixteenths wrench: Cresent Wrench

All the Way: You fully understand what the drill Sgt has told you at Ft Jackson S.C.

Almost Airborne: 82nd Airborne Division


Alpha Charlie: Radio phonetics for an Ass Chewing

Alpha Hotel (Ass Hole): An individual who always acts without class


Aluminum Magnet: same as left-hand-wrench, for newly lower enlisted to look for.

AMF: Sign off, "Adios mother f@&ker."

AMJIGAF: Ain't My Job I Give A F*!@

Ammo Humper: Member of amunition section attached to an Artillery Btry.

Ammo Puke: USAF Munitions Personnel who produce, store, transport and maintain munitions. See "BB Stacker."

An Nhu En Nhu Lahm: I Love You

Anchor Ball Pump: Imaginary thing a new seaman apprentice was sent to look for when anchoring off shore.

Anchor Clanker: Navy term of endearment for Boatswain Mate

Anchor Clanker: Boatswains Mate

Anchor Clanker: US Navy Boatswains Mate

Anchor Clanker: Personnel in the Navy's Boatswains Mate rating.

Anchor Clanker: Marine name for Anyone in the Navy

Anchor Cranker: Boatswain's Mate (Navy)

Anchor Pool: A pool with 60 chances, one for each minute, selected by crew members. When the first line went over upon return to port, the person who had that minute won the pool.

Anchor Pool: Shipboard drew the sixty minutes in an hour and paid for it. The person who held the number when the first line went over upon return to port won the pool.

Angel Flares: Flare that resembles an angel.

Angles: altitude

Anh Yeu Em Nhieu Lam not An Nhu En Nhu Lahm : I Love You (Very Much)

AO: Area of operation

Arc Light Mission: B-52 high altitude bombing mission

Arclight Mission: High Altitude B-52 Bombing Mission

Are you tracking it?: Asking if you understand it or do you have upto date information.

Arm Dropper: A signal to fire by a section chief.


Army Mudd: Coffee

Army: Ft Bragg area, STRAC: Shit the Russians are coming

ART: Assumed Room Temperature.

Article 7: Crazy

arty: artillery firecoming in

As You Were: Get back to doing whatever it was you were doing.

As You Were: Halt current activity and correct yourself.


ASAP!: As Soon As Possible! (Yesterday)

Ash and Trash: Unpleasant detail picking up garbage and coal ash

ASH Receiver: Ash tray (something you send a newbee for).

ASH Reciever: A radio reciever we would send new guys in the radio shop for.......ash tray.

Asshole and Elbows: To work very hard, as in, all I want to see is assholes and elbows.

ASSUME: Ass U Me (Make an Ass of You and Me)

Asswipe: toilet paper

At Ease!: No longer need to stand at attention.

ATCO: All taken care of.

Ate the F up: A soldier who can't get anything right.

ate up: Loves the Military/By the Book

Ate Up: squared away, all ducks in a row. by the book

Ate Up: Not "squared away".

Ate Up: Full-on hard core military person (usually first timers).

Ate Up: To be obsessed with perfection in military service.

ATE UP: equipment that is damaged

Ate Up: Someone who is gung hoe for military

Ate Up: Something that is messed up

Ate Up!: Messed Up

Ate-Up: Military member for life.

Ate-up: A soldier who's uniform looks bad or soldier who doesn't know his/her job

ate/eight up, aka eleven up three down: someone who cant get anything right

Attitude Adjustment: Change of approch to things


Awash to the gunwales (pronounced "gunnels"): Very, very drunk

Awkward Squad: Elementary instructions for backward rookies.

AWOL: Absent with out leave

AWOL: absent without official leave.

AWOL: Absent Without Official Leave, often INCORRECTLY referred to as: Absent WithOut Leave.

AWOL: Absent WithOut (authorized) Leave.

AWOL Bag: Gym/accessory bag.

AWOL BAG: A gym bag just to carry basic essentials

Aye Aye: I have heard the order and will carry it out. Navy


B 1 RD or C GU 11 : Bird or seagull. In AF POL (Fuels) rookies were sent to "refuel" them. When they hit the flightline they would call in and we'd say look up they are still airborne.

B B stacker: Person who loads bombs in the bomb bay or on hard points of an aircraft.

B-1RD: A fictional Research and Development, of the B-1B "Lancer".

B-52: Large P-38 found in Vietnam era of K-Rations

B-52: what we called the Big new canopener for our C-rats it came out just before MRE's

B.D.U.s: Bad Dude Uniform


B1RD: bogus aircraft designation--bird--used when lookouts were very bored on picked duty in the Gulf of Tonkin

B1RD: Any Fighter or Bomber Aircraft

B1RD: Bogus designation for an aircraft.

B1RD: A designation for a Navy aircraft.

B4MMF: Big 4 Motored Mother F**ker.

BA 1100 N (Balloon): Something you send a newbee in your unit to find.

ba me ba stand: beer ,car wash and house of prostitution all service facility

Baby Carriage: Machine gun cart.

Baby Wipe: Napalm

Back 40: Description of how far you had to park from work

Back Forty: Area on post for movement excercises.

Back in the world: Home

Back in the World: Anytime stationed overseas the U.S.A. is the "World"

back on the block: back to civilian life

Back to the world: Going back stateside from overseas (land of the big BX)

back to the world: going back to the states

Back Yard Soldier: One that lives nearby and goes home on weekends.

backblast remover: A 5 gallon bucket of cement that 1st Tanks had for boot 0352s to carry all over Las Flores until the 1st Shirt had pity on the boot.

bag and tag the bastard: Kill confirmed/ collect a soldier dog tags.

Bag Ass, Nuke: Telling a Submarine Nuclear Power rate to Get Lost

Bag Nasty: To go food from the chow hall

Bag of Ass: Someone who doesn't keep uniform crisp; performs poorly and doesn't care

Bag your bandit: Shoot the SOB down

Bagnasty: Fast food option at chow hall, hot dogs or hamburgers.

Bahoov: It would be wise to complete or do. It would be bahoovof you to go there now

Bali Bali: Hurry Up!

Bali-bali: Hurry-up

Ball Cinches: Crotch straps for parachute harness.

Balloon goon: Weather observer

Balls: 0000 (Mid Night)

balls to 0800: on duty watch from midnight till 8 am


Balls to four: Mid watch 00:00-04:00

Balls to four: The midnight to four am watch in the morning

Balls to the wall: give it everything--full speed--air force-navy

balls to the wall: uscg for both engine throttles wide open

Balls to the Walls: Aircraft either on take-off, or engine run at full throttle.

Baltimore Steak: Liver.

bam: broad ass woman marine

Band-Aid: Slander for any medic who cannot preform his/her job to standard. The medic you DON'T want to see running to help you.

Bandit: Enemy aircraft.

Banzo: Korean bathroom (outside).

BAR: Bulky-Assed Rifle (M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle)

Barbed Wire Garters: Imaginary awards for a job well done.

Barbed Wire Hotel: Stockade

Barnyard Pimp for Chow: Chicken

Barracks 13: The guard house.

Barracks Party: Everyone in the barracks cleaning it before a big inspection. Dont forget your kegger of wax and a 6 pack of cleanser.

Barracks Rat: A person that stays in the barracks all the time

Barracks Rat: Guys who stay in the barracks instead of going into town.

Barrage: Screen of continuous military fire to protect advancing troops or stop hostile attacks; heavy, prolonged attack.

Baseball: M26 Fragmentation Grenade

Bash: To hit.

basic riflemans position: lay weapon across support,duck, and empty magazine

Basketball: A game played

Bath Tub or Buddy Seat: Motorcycle side car.

battery powered chem light: a made up supply item to send new privates after.

Battle rattle: Combat gear worn by todays troops.

Battle Rattle: All the gear worn going into combat

Battle Rattle: flack vest with web gear

BB Counter: Munitions personnel


BB Stacker: Airmen who worked in the Bomb storage area

BB Stacker: USAF Weapons Personnel who deal with storage of bombs, missiles, etc.

BB stacker: Aviation Ordnanceman

BB Stacker: USAF Ammo Pukes

BB Stacker: USAF Munitions Personnel who produce, store, transport and maintain munitions. AKA, "Ammo Pukes." AFSC for this job, 2W0X1. Not to be confused with 2W1X1s or weapon/munition loaders, aka "Load Toads

BB Stacker: Ammunitions loaders and handlers F4 Phantom Jets.

BB Stackers: Aviation Ordinancemen.

BCAO: Boot Camp Ass Officer.

BCG: Birth Control Glasses (military issue)

BDA: Bomb Damage Assessment

BDA: Battle Damage Assessmet

BDE: Brigade.

BDU Insert: A Worthless Troop

BDUs: Battle Dress Uniform - aka Fatigues or Camos

Beachhead: A footing gained on hostile shores by an army.

Bean Burner: US Army Cook

Beans and Boulders: One of many types of main food in C-Rations, beans and potatoes

Beans and Motherf*****s: C-rations Lima beans and ham

Beans and mothers: Beans and wienies c-rations b-2 meal

Bear Hunitin': Undermanned Lightly Armed Recon Patrol

Beat Feet: Leave quickly

Beat Feet: Get out in a hurry

Beat your boots: Knee benders (jump school)

beat your face: do pushups

Beat Your Face: Do push ups.

Beat your face!: Used by Drill Sgts to instruct privates to do push-ups

Beaucoup Dinki-Dau: Plenty Crazy

beaucoup dinky dau: very crazy

Bed Check: lights our and in your bunk

BED PAN COMANDO: Corpsman working on a Hospital Ward

bed stretcher: basic trainees were sent all over Lackland A.F.B. looking for one of these

Bedpan Commandos: Air Force Medic

Bee Bee Stacker: Ammo Handler at the Ammo Dump

bee quick: term for small store on seabee camp

Bee-Bop: A soldier who moves up and down as he marches. Not a good thing.

Beef & Rocks: Beef & Potato C-ration

Beef and Boulders: Beef Patties and Potatoes (C-Rations)

beer-nhoc-da: beer on ice to make it cold

Bell Clangers: 2nd bowl of Navy Beans

Belly Robber: Navy cooks.

Belly Robber: Navy cooks.

Belly Wash: Term used in the Navy to describe soft drinks.

Bend Over and Crack a Smile: Favorite saying of Hospital Corpsmen in the process of doing a proctology exam.

Benny Brats: Children of lifers

Bersagleri: Italian Army Shock Troops--Wore Ostrich Feathers in their wide-brim hats

BFD: Big F---ing Deal

BFFI: Brute Force & F-in Ignorance

BFH/BFR: Used to pound in tent stakes Big Hammer or when you don't have a hammer use a Big Rock


BFR: Big F&^king Rock

BFR: Big F*@#ing Rock

BGO: Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious

Biffer: Term used for local girls in the Canal Zone (50's & 60's)

Big Chicken Dinner: Bad Conduct Discharge

Big Chicken Dinner: Bad Conduct Discharge

Big Willy: Lackland AFB Hospital

Bildge-Rat: Bolier Maker in the Navy

Bilge Rat: cleaning the lowest part of Engine or Boiler room

Bilge Rat: Extra duty for non just punishment.

Bilge Rat: Any engineering personnel working below decks on a ship.

Bilge rats: New guys on a ship in the engine room or boiler crew who got to clean the bilges

Bilge-Rat: Any one that cleans bilges on a Navy ship

Bilgepump: New guy assigned to clean bilges as a punishment, amusement for the seniors, or keep busy work.

Bing: person out of boot camp, just starting to grow hair

Bingo Fuel: Have to return to base or will not make it back without airfueling; cannot stay any longer

Binnacle List: In the Navy, the sick list, or unable to perform duty.

Bird: Military airplane

bird farm: aircraft carrier

Bird Farm: Air Craft Carrier

Bird Farm: Aircraft Carrier

Bird Farm: Aircraft carrier

Bird Sh*t: Paratrooper

birds: helicopters

Birds nest: Bell tower or sniper position

birth control glasses: black plastic glasses issued by services

Birthing: Sleeping quarters for navy personnel.


Bivouc: An army encampment remote from main base.

Biznatchin: Term used when you or the other person is whining or complaining

Black 6: Commander (Call Sign).

Black Hat: Airborne School Cadre

Black Hat: Instructors at jump school

Black Hats: An Airborne instructor.

Black Hawk: Army medic.

Black Shirt: Italian Fascist Party Military Units

Black shoe: Aboard an aircraft carrier, the regular Navy, who served mostly below decks.

Black Shoe & Brown Shoe Navy: the old non-avation navy, and the avation navy

Black shoe navy: Surface navy

Black shoe Navy: Navy pilots.

black shoes: ships company

Black Smoke: Low bird, OH6,(Loach) rolling frags into doorways

Blackbird: Lockheed SR-71 (strategic reconnaissance aircraft).

bladder ship: C130 caring portable fuel tanks

Blade Runner: Being one no go away from failing the EIB.

Blade Wash: Down or Back Wash (Wind) from Aircraft New crew members are sent to get

Blanket Drill: Sleep.

Blanket Head: A Special Forces member who wears his beret everywhere.

Blanket Party: Form of punishment to help correct a soldier's deficiencies, usually given by fellow soldiers.

Blanket Party: someone got the s*** beat out of them

Blanket Party: When a member of your group goofs up the entire group gets punished. The guy was captured and a blanket thrown over him. Then the whole team gets in a free kick or punch to reinforce their feelings.

Blanket Party: Unofficial punishment of company goof off.

Blankets: Pancakes.

Blast Glass: Mug, or vessel for drinking celebration of Parachutist Badge

Blibit: 10 lbs of sh** in a 5 lb bag (Marines)

Blind Mullet: A turd floating in the water, usually seen prior to the use of collection holding tanks.

BLIVETT: 10 Pounds of s--t in a 5 pound bag

blood and guts: leader's over zelous

blooper: M79 granade launcher

Bloused: broken


blow torch jockey: jet fighter piolet

Blue Falcon : Grunt who doesnt pull his/her own weight

Blue Falcon: Someone who rats out someone else (can't be trusted).

Blue Falcon: Buddy F%$%$$- setting someone else up for failure

Blue Nose: Submarine sailor who has crossed under the polar ice

Blue Nose: Anyone on a Navy ship that officially crossed th Arctic Circle

Blue Nose: Navy personnel who had navigated into the Artic Circle.

BLUE TOC: Porta-Potty.

Bluenose: Submariner that crossed the Arctic circle

Blur Falcon: Failure.

Blustering Buzzards: 101st Airborne Division

BMO: Black Moving Object: Refers to the Women of the middle east in thier black viels and robes.

Board Stretcher: Imaginary device combat engineers send new recruits to look for in thl box

Boat School: Naval Academy Annapolis

Boco Dinky Dau: Crazy MF

Bodacious: Very Big

bogard: trying to do as little as possible

BOGINT: Bogus intelligence

Bogs: Box of Grid Squares for a new Lt to find around post

BOHIC: Bend Over Here It Comes

bohica: bend over,here it comes again

BOHICA: bend over here it comes again

BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again

bohica: Bend over here it comes again.

BOHICA: Bend over...here it comes again

BOHICA: Bend Over Here it Comes Again

BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again


bohica: bend over here it comes again

BOHICA: Bend over, here it comes again!

Bollardhead: A hard headed or extremely thick headed person in the Navy.

Bolo : Be On Look Out

Bolo: Failed to Qualify on the Rifle Range

Bolo: To perform below the minimum

Bolo: A soldier that can't shoot straight so they were given a bolo knife, later used to signify an soldier that could not pass standards.

Bolo Badge: (imaginary) award for acheiving a poor result

Boo Coo Dap: Very pretty.

Boo Koo Dinky Dow: Plenty Crazy

Boocoo: A bunch or a lot

BooCoo Dinky Dao: Vietnamese way of saying "Really Crazy"

boocoodinkydoh: really crazy,nuts or pot smoker


Booger Hooker: USAF Crew Chief

Booger Hooker: USAF Crew Chief

book it: leave or go

booko: a lot

booku: alot or a great amount

Boom Boom: make love

boom boom: self explanatory

Boom Boom Today: What Vietnamese Prostitutes would say

Boon Dockers: shoes worn onboard Navy Ships

Boondockers: High top rough out marine shoes

boondockers: work boots worn by Naval personnal

Boonie: Jungle.

Boonie(s): jungle

boonierat: infantryman

Boonies: Woods.

BOOT: Someone fresh out of boot camp

Boot: A new Marine recruit

Boot: Any service member in recruit training or immediately following recruit training.

Boot: A new recruit or young Marine

boot (n.): new arrival in a combat zone; a more positive alternative to cherry or FNG

Boot Ensign: Just commissioned & at first duty station.

Boot sucking mud: kind of self explanatory - feels like the mud will suck your boot off your foot

BOQ: Base Officers Quarters

Boring In: Attacking a problem

bottle of head space.: an imaginary item to correct problem on a 30 or 50 cal. machine gun. New guys sent to armory to retrieve.

Bought The Farm: Killed in action.

Bought the farm.: Got killed.

Boulder: If you're a rock and that means your stupid, than if your a boulder your even dumber than the rock.

Bouncing Betty: Home made anti-personnel device

Box Humper: USAF Air Cargo Term for an Air Cargo Specialist

Box Kicker: someone who works in inventory

Box of grid sqaures: Imaginary box of nothing new mechanics were sent for


Box of Grid Squares: An imaginary thing new recruits are sent for.

Box of Ohms: We use to send boots to COMO shack and ask for it.

Box Stretcher: USAF Air Cargo Term-mythical device to stretch a piece of cargo so that it will leave no space on an aircraft pallet.

brain bucket: combat helmet

Brass : Officers

Brat: Dependant child of a military member

Bravo Zulu: Navy term meaning "well done"

Bravo Zulu (BZ): Job well done.

Break it down Barney-style: A basic/simple description

Brig Rat: Any member of the Armed Forces who is in the brig.

brig rat: marine in jail

Brig Rats: Prison Inmates

Brig step: Slide one foot while marching

Bright Work: Polished metal on a ship.

Broke Di**: A person who is always hurt


Broke Dick: Any person who does not perform up to standards, or a sorry piece of equipment.

Broken arrow: SAC designation for accident involving nuclear weapons

Broken Arrow: Radio Callsign For an Over Run Unit,Requesting Air Support

Broken Arrow: A missing nuclear weapon

Broken Legged Bird: Surviving pilot who crashed on land


Brow: Ramp from ship to shore, more correct than 'gang plank'

Brown bagged lunch: MRE

Brown Bean: A person that has been in Korea a while

Brown bean tour: Farewell tour of the bars for a person leaving Korea

Brown Bomber: CC pills/Army laxative.

Brown Nose: Any one who sucks up to higher ranks

Brown Shoe Army: Before the Army changed the standard issue uniforms from O. D. color to green and from brown leather to black.

Brown shoe Navy: Non aviation officer, chief, CWO.

Brownnoser: Person who sucks up to seniors

BS Bomber: AC-47

BTO: Big Time Operator

bubble chaser: aircraft hydraulic tech

Bubble Head: Navy Deep Sea Diver

Bubble head: submariner

Bubble Head: Submarine Sailor

Bubble-Head: Submariner

Bubblehead: Submariner

Bubblehead: Sub-mariner

bubblehead: submariner

Bubblehead: Submarine Duty

Bubler: A non cooled water fountain

Buck and a half: Nickname members used for 150th Trans Co. Spinelli Kaserne, Manheim, Germany

Buck Slip: Used to get out of certain kinds of regular duty.

bucket of air: an imaginary bucket the DI sent a recruit for while on a morning run with your company

Bucket of back blast: New guys were sent to find a bucket with back blast, which obviously doesn't exist.

Bucket of ball tabs: ball tabs were used in CIC UYA-4 Air traffic consoles to hook a flying object (part of the electronic screen)

Bucket of DRY Steam: Newbies usually sent to ships Engine Room for this

Bucket of Prop Wash: Imaginary fluid new recruits sent for

Bucket of relative bearing grease : Sent the new guy onboard to get one - no such thing.

Bucket of Rotor Wash: Helicopter wind "newbees" are sent for when it's time to wash the helicopter.

Bucket of rys: Used by landline/radio teletype operators to as a newbie to find. RYs are actually holes in tape and resulting chad used to diagnose equipment problems.

bucket of slack: what new people are sent to ask the supply sgt.

Bucket of Steam: Something you send a newbee for.

Bucket of Steam: Something a raw recuit was sent to fetch

Bucket Of Steam: What new recruits are sent for on steam driven ships. To start the vessel.

Bucket of Steam: Joke played on a new kid in the engine room

Bucket of Video Paint: Non-existant. New troops are sent to the supply room to get a bucket of video paint for the RADAR scopes.

bucu: many

bucu mop: very fat

BUFF: An A-6 Intruder


BUFF: B-52 acft

BUFF: Big Ugly Flying F*#@#er - The loving nickname given to the Might B-52 Bomber

Bug Dope: Insect Repellant

Bug Juice: Kool Aid type drink on Navy Ships

Bug Juice: KoolAid drink served on Navy ships (Also used as paint stripper)

Bug Juice: Insect repelant

Bug juice: kool-aid

Bug Juice: Kool Aid.

Bug Juice: Mosquito repellant.

Bug Juice: Some type of KoolAid

Bug juice: soy sauce

Bug Juice: Kool-Aid

bug out: leaving in a hurry

Bug Out: Retreat in panic


Bulk Head : Wall on a ship.

bulk head remover: To send new recruites after.

Bulkhead: Any wall on a ship

Bulkhead: Term for wall in the Navy

BULKHEAD: the walls of a compartment or room of a naval vessel

bulkhead: marine-navy for wall


Bulkhead: Walls on ships

Bulkhead: Wall

bulkhead: wall

Bulkhead: Wall

Bulkhead: wall

bulkhead remover (NAVY): new recruits sent looking for this

Bulkhead(s): Shipboard terminology for the wall(s)

Bull Ensign: Top Ensign onboard

Bull Kit: Ash Tray.

Bullet Catcher: Cobra Gunship front seater(tandem seating)

Bullet Hole: unbuttoned shirt

Bum F**K Eguypt: Any Bad Assignment

Bunk: Your bed

Bunny boots: White rubber boots originally worn by bomber crews flying at high altitudes and later issued to Air Force security troops in cold weather climates.

BUPERS: Bureau of Personnel

Bus Car: Money borrowed.

Bus Driver : New Air Force Recruit, long blue coat, no stripes.


bush bird: blamed for noise of a beer can being opened in field

Butkit: The bucket where cigarettes are put out.

Buts: Askng for rest of cigarett-used before pay-day

Butt: cigarette

Butt Can: Ashtray


Butt Snorkeling: kissing A**

Butt-head: A Naval Special Warfare BUD/S Trainee, a SEAL 'maybe-gonna-be', in training.

Butter Bar: A newly commissioned LT.

Butter Bar: Second Lieutenant


Butter bar: new Second Lt.

Butter Bar: Army 2nd Lt.

Butter Bar: First LT.

Butter Bar: Second Lieutenant

Butterbar: 2nd Lt.

Butterbar: U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force 2 Lt...or Navy ensign.

Butterbar: 2nd Lieutenant.

butterbar: navy ensign

Button Chopper: The laundry.

C**T Cap: Same as a Piss Cutter. Peaked cap worn by all services.

C-4: Plastic moldable explosive

C.B.P.O: Chow, BX, Post Office

C/W: complied with, completed, taken care of

cable: a string hanging from your uniform

Cable Stretcher: Fake tool used to stretch cables that are too short.

CableDog: Telephone Cable Installer/Cable Construction

Cackle Berry or Cackle Jelly: Eggs.

Cadillac: Mop bucket

Cadillac: Mop bucket with wheels.

Cadre: The training contingent leading trainees at a Basic (boot) Training facility.

CAFB: Clear as a F*****g Bell. Term used by pilots in lieu of CAVU or Clear and visibility unlimited

Cake and Wine: Bread and Water--Part of confinement punishment at non-judicial punishment (Office hours or Captain's Mast).

Cambodian Cannon: A toy cannon made from beer cans

Camels on fire: Enemy closing in

Cammies: Camoflage Fatigues

Can Bird: Aircraft used for spare parts.

Can of Frequency Grease: Something new communication soldiers are sent to retrieve.

can of GSEs : send officer to get a Can of GSEs gravity seeking electrons No such thing u

Can of Squelch: Something new communication soldiers were sent for.

Can of Squelch: Something nonexistent to send newbies after to fill up my radio

Can of Squelch: what newbies are sent for as a joke

Canary USMC: Boot wearing yellow sweatshirt in Boot Camp usually first week...

Canned pickle: Air Force basic trainee who has received his nametag

canned pickles: basic trainees after name tags were sewed on uniforms

Cannon Ball: Grapefruit.

Cannon Balls and Clothes stops: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Cannon cocker: artillery man


Cannon Cocker: Gunner's Mate.

Cannon Cocker: Navy personnel in the Gunnersmate rating.

Cannon Cocker: Field Artillery Crewman

Cannon Cockers: Artillerymen

Canopy Lights: Something to send new soldiers to look for

Canopy Lights: Lights that Cherry's are sent to get to add to the Parachutes for night jumps.

Captain Malfunction: An almost guarantee to get promoted to Major.

Captain Midnight: Gung-Ho highly skilled night time commando

Captain of the Head : In charge of cleaning toilets.

Carbide lamp: An actual container of Carbide, that when you spit in it, would cause a black soot for Marines to use to "Blacken" their front sight post.


Cattle Car: Trailer used to transport troops (usually in Basic Training).

Cattle Truck: Semi used to drive large amount of soldiers around post.

Cattle Van: An enclosed military truck carrying people packed inside like cattle.

Caufard: "Loud Fart," a super-brave & courageous soldier who feared nothing and no one (Term picked up by GI's from French Foreign Legion in North Africa)

CBPO: Centeral Base Personel Office

CBPO: Old Air Force term for "Consolidated Base Personnel Office"

CDAT: Computerized Dumb Ass Tanker, Started after the M-1 tank was deployed.

CDAT: Computerized Dumb Ass Tanker

CDAT: Computerized Dumb A$$ Tanker

CG-U11: Seagull

CH-47 S***t Hook: Army CH-47 twin rotor helo

Chain Locker: Area below decks where anchor chain is stored.

Chairborne: Those that were office bound.

Chairborne Ranger: any kind of clerk imaginable - Army

Chanchor Cranker: Medic.

Channel Fever: Night before a ship pulls into port


Charles: Another name for Charlie, or Viet Cong

Charlie: Monsoon,Rainy Season

Charlie: Enemy

Charlie 4: Out of commision, broken.


Charlie Foxtrot: Signal Corp term- Cluster Fu## ie something that is really messed up

Charlie Noble: The Navy designation for the vent used on the stove in the galley.

cheaf: n/c/o,s

Cheap charlie #10: Affectionate name for cheap GI by Korean hostess

Check: "I agree" or "Yes Sir or Yes Sergeant" or "I concur"

Check Six: Used when aviation squadrons return from cruise

Cheese Eater: Person who is a suck up

cheese eater/cheeser: somebody that is a kiss up!

Cheeser Creases: Army, When soldiers would put creases down the back of their BDU shirts to align with the tabs on back

Chem light batteries: imaginary batteries boots are sent for

Chem Light Batteries: Something to send new soldiers to look for

cherry: brand new paratooper

Cherry: Brand New Paratrooper



Cherry: First time in combat

Cherry: New in country.

Cherry: Soldier fresh out of basic.

Cherry: a new guy in vietnam

Cherry Boy: Any New Marine to the Rock "Okinawa"

Cherry Boy: New In Country

cherry juice: aircraft hydrolic fluid

Cherry Jump: 1st jump after jump school (6th jump)

Cherry Jumper: Still in jump school

cherry jumper: new paratrooper in unit after jump school making first unit jump

Cherry!!!!!!!!!: This term was used for five jump wonders. You were called a cherry until you made your 6th jump.

Chewy / Chewbaka: Unorginized/ slob soldier

chicken cry: pay day

CHICKEN SANDWICH : someone with a 101st unit patch and a 101st combat patch

Chicken with a fish hook up its ass: Marine Corps emblem (dubbed by Navy SEALs)

Chief of Smoke: First Sargeant Artillary Battery

Chief of Smoke: NCO in Charge of Field Artillery Firing Battery Gun Section

Chief of Smoke: Top commander on an Artillery fire Base

Chili Bowl: Regulation hair cut.

Chilli-Mac: The one thing that they always feed you before you go in the GAS Chamber so you will throw up immediately afterwards

China Chipper: Dish washer on KP.

Chit: Any piece of paper used for just about anything.....

Chit: U.S. Navy term for "Paperwork"

CHIT: personal Marker (CHIT) left in tool box to identify person who had tool removed.

CHIT: Request for time off (liberty), paper given by medical to be excused from certain types of work or exercise, and used as money in boot

Chock Kicker: Lowest ranking aircraft ground crew member. Often applied to any flightline APG tech.

Chockhead: British Navy term for Aviation personnel

Choi Hoi : Oh Boy/What?

Choke & Puke: Chow Hall

Choke and Puke: Off post dinner

Choke and Puke: Ham & Lima Beans C Ration.

choke and puke: on base restaurant and /or beer garden

Choke'n Chicken's: 101st. AB. Div, (Air mobile light)

Choking Chickens: What 82nd ABN members call 101st ABN members due to their unit patch,


Chop chop: Eat food

Chop Chop: Hurry up.

Chop chop: C-Rations begged for by Vietnamese

Chop chop!: Hurry up, quickly

Chopped: the condition of being messy, crappy, or just plain wrong

chopper: helicopter

chopper: helicopter

Chopper: Helicopter

Chow: What they jokenly referred as food

Chow Hall: Place to Eat Meals

Chow Hound: First guy in chow line

chow line: I just sent the boot (new Marine) to supply to get 50 feet of chow line.

Chow line: Something new recruit was sent to supply to get several hundred feet of

Chow time: Time to eat

chow um: Virtnamese for hello

CHS: Can't Hear S@$#

Chu Lai Steak: This was the boiled in water roast beef or pork served in the HQ Mess hall of the 196th LIB

Chu-Hoi: Come Here

CHUCK: Viet Cong, Vietnamese, Victor Charlie

Chunker: M-40 grenade launcher

Church Key : Ration can opener

CID: Criminal Investigation Division

Cinderalla Leave: A 24 hour pass

Cinderella Liberty: Be back on base or ship by 00:00

Cinderella Liberty: Liberty/Pass that expires at midnight

cinderella liberty: Had to be back on board ship by 0000 hrs

Circle Jerk to the right/left: Organized confusion

Circular File: Another name for the Trash Can

Circular file 13.: In the trash basket.

circular file this report: trash it

Civies: Civilian clothing

Civys: civilian clothing

Ck at supply for some canopy lights.: This term was used for new jumpers that just completed jump school and were assigned to a section. This was told to the jumper on his first night jump.

Clancey: Refueling boom operator

Clap: Infection by Neisseria Gonorrhea

Class 1 Download: Taking a SH_T.

class 1 download: Using the bathroom

Class A Uniform: Formal Uniform

Clean sweep fore and aft: Tidy up the ship

click: distance defined

click: distance from one area to another

click: 1000 meters

click: distance

Click: A kilometer

Click: Distance.

Click: Unknown.

Click: Defines distance..as in three clicks from here.

click: distance

Click: Kilometre

click (measure of distance): one kilometer

Clicks or Klicks: Panzer Kaserne was only 20 klicks away from K-Town. Klicks/Clicks = Kilometers

CLIT: CLerk-In-Training

Clodhopper: Boots

Clothes Stop: Short line for tying rolled clothes.

clothes stops and red lead: spaghetti and tomato sauce

Cluster F***: Mass confusion

Cluster Muster: Parade Formation when medals were awarded

Clutch: US Army Military Trans Driver.

Clutchable: Vehicle driver

COB: Chief of the boat, senior enlisted man on submarine

COB: Chief of the Boat

coffin locker: shipboard bed that opened into a compartmental locker

Coffin Nails: Marlboro Cigarettes

Coffin Varnish: Beer 33 (Ba muy Ba)

Cold Cat: A Dysfunctional Catapult Shot off an Aircraft Carrier

Cold Iron: The term applied when the engineering plant on a ship was secured or shut down. Cold Iron Watches were the posted.

Collision Mats & Monkey Dinks: Pancakes & sausages.


Com Shack: Radio room on ship.

ComCenter: Army communications center.

Comm: Communications

Commo: Communications

Commo Dick: Communications NCO

Compound: Name for Military Installation in Korea

Comshaw: unofficialy trading one item for another.

comshaw: Trading food for just about anything.

comshaw: Acquiring supplies (or needs) without requisitions or authority

comshaw: supply term


comshaw: borrow from other military troops

comshaw: trading something you have in your division for something you want in another division

COMSHAW: Free requisition from another command or unit between friends.

Comshaw Artist (Navy): A scrounge - procurement artist

CON and/or DECK: CON man in charge of overall operations. DECK, in charge of speed, course, and depth. usually same man

conacks: metal storage shed

Coner: Any non-nuke engineering personnel who work in the forward end of a submarine.

Connex: Steel storage container (NOT "Conacks" as listed)

Connon Coker: Field Artillery

Consentrated Sky Hook: Imaginary tool new mechanics were sent for

conus: continental united states

CONUS: Continental United States

Cook-whites: Extremely faded Army BDUs


copy that: understand

Corn Crushers: Feet

Corn Willie: Corned beef in tins.

COSAC: CryptO Student Awaiting Clearance (Army Security)

COVER: Cap, Hat or Helmet

Cover: Headwear (for civilians - hats)

cover my 6: watch my back

Cover your six: Watch your back!

COYA: Cover Your Own Ass

CPs (Under the Command of the OD): An army unit's "Courtesy Patrol" of their unit members' behavior off base.

CQ: Carrier Qualifications

CQ: The "Charge of Quarters" (NCO in charge under the OD).


CQ: Charge of Quarters

Crab: A critter that lives on the beach, A civilian

Crank Duty: Navy term for having to serve 3 months time in the mess hall or galley

Crap-sack: Sleepingbag

crapper: avoiding duty

creosote dipped: military cia operator

Cricket cruncher: Infantryman

Cricket cruncher or crucifier of rocks: An Infantryman

Croot: Any new recruit to a company or batallion.

Cross Your Hearter: Individual That Has Betrayed The Country Dearest To Your Heart

Crotch Novel: Some Reading Material

Crow: Lookout Station at top of Ships Mast

Crow: A petty officer in the Navy, so named because the eagle on the rating insignia (rank) looks like a white crow.

crowbar hotel: cells

Crowd Killer: Derogatory name for the CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter (early in their service many of them came apart killing lots of Marines)

CRS: Can't Remember S@$#

Crucifier of rocks: Infantryman

Crud: Skin fungal infection or jungle rot

Cruisin: Air Force - doing just enough to get along and no more.

Cruit: A newby in Germany

Cruit: New Recruit

crunchy: anybody not in a mechanized/heavy Infantry unit

Crunchy/tank traction: USMC infantry

Crute: New Recruit

CSMO: Close Station March Order.


CSMO: Order given to Marine Artillery meaning Change Station March Order. Or as we said "Collect Sh** and Move Out"

CSS: Can't See S@$#

Cugima: Bull Shit

cumshaw: to borrow something you need

Cumshaw: To trade items, normally of disproportional value.

Cumshaw: Money, specifically liberty money (come ashore).

CUNT: civilian under naval training

cut a chogey: di di quick time

Cut a Chogie: Leave.

cut me a huss: do me a favor

Cut-a-chogy: Get out of here

cya : cover your ass

CYA: Cover your a**.

Cycle or Cycling: Punishment for recruits in boot in the form of strenuous exercise

CYCLO: Three-wheeled Motorcycle taxicabs used in Saigon.


D-Day: Generic term for the day an operation or attack is to be initiated; after the Allied invasion of Europe, that date (June 6, 1944) became the D-Day.

D-fac: short for Dining Facility. Where folks eat.

D-FAC: Dining Facility-used instead of chow hall

D-TOC: Div Tactical Opns Center

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.: Do I Look Like I Give A F***. My Platoon Sgt. actually had a name tag made up for this and wore it on his dress greens.

Dai we: Captain

Daisy Cutter - : a 15,000 pound BLU-82 bomb dropped by C130 to clear an LZ

Daisycutter: Frag Bomb

Damnit: Fasteners used to hold rank on collar

DANAT: Dead and no longer a threat.

DARGAS: does anyone really give a shit

Dark Territory: War.

DAT: Dumb Ass Tanker

DAT: Dumb Ass Tanker

DAT: Dumb ass tanker what infantry called tank crew personnel

DAT: Dumb Ass Tanker

DAT: Dumb Ass Tanker.

DAT: Dumb A$$ Tanker

Davey Jones Locker: The bottom of the ocean. The place where sailors go to rest.

Davey Jones Locker: The bottom of the ocean. The place where sailors go to rest.

Day Whore: Anyone not working rotating shifts

Day-ho: 8-5, M-F, holidays-off worker at a 24-hour ops Intel site (as opposed to the rotating shift worker known as 'trick-trash'

DC Punch: What you send new seamen for(A Damage Controlman punches you)

de de mouw: get out of here

Dead Bug: Drinking game played by falling on floor with feet and arms in air.

Dead Head: Floatsome

Dead Horse: Loan, repayable each payday

Dead Soldiers : Enpty beer cans

Deck: Floor

deck ape : sailors that work on ships decks

Deck Ape: Someone who worked in Deck Dept in the Navy

deck ape: lowly seaman

Deck Ape: A term of endearment for the typical Bosom's Mate onboard ships.

Deck Ape: US Navy Boatswains Mate

Deck Ape: Personnel in the Boatswainmate rating in the Navy.

deck ape: sailor working above deck, not in the engineering dept.

Deck Ape: A NAVY Boatswains Mate or Deck Seaman

Deck Ape: Boswains Mate

deck apes: jargon for deck divisions in the navy

Dedicated Idiot: The one who can do it wrong when it is built Idiot Proof

Dee Dee: Hurry out of your location

Dee Pee Gee: Distant Perimeter Guard (SAC)

Deep dark 30: 30 minutes after midnight

Deep Kimshee: Deep Do-Do, as in "You're gonna be in deep kimshee if you do that".

Deep six: get rid of it

Deep Six: To get rid of

Deep Six it.: Throw it over the side.Off the Ship

Defunk & rerag: Shower & change


Delta Sierra: Weather Dog S*%#; Bad weather (normally referring to weather back at airbase returning too or current weather conditions of target area or other point of interest

DEROS: Date Estimated Return Over Seas

DEROS: Date Estimated Return Overseas

DEROS: Date of Estimated Return from Over Seas

DEROS: date estimated return from overseas

DEROS: Your date of return back to the world

deros: every boonierats dream date to come home

Desk Jockey: some one working in office environment

Desk Jockey: Admin Clerk

Desk jockey.: Office worker.

Desk pilot: Air Force - any troop with a desk job.

Desktop Commando: Troop behind the desk, ate up but not really.

Detail Worker Bees: Usually an Army soldier below the rank of e-5 that has to pull ANY type of detail!

deuce and a half : Two and One Half ton truck

Deuce and a half: Two and a half ton capacity truck

deuce gear: 782 gear

deuce-n-half: 2 1/2 ton truck

Devil Doc: Navy Corpsman w/USMC

Devil's Piano: Machine gun.


di di mao: cut a chogey, exit double quick time

Di di mau: Vietnamese for "go go fast" meaning to get the hell out of the area.

Di di mow: Hurry up

Di we: captain

Di-Da-Oo: Horny

Di-Uy: Captain

Diddy Bopper: Morse code intercept specialist

Diddy Boppin: Walking recklessly in the Jungle while on Patrol

diddybag: cloth bag issued for shaving gear

Didi mau: Quickly

diesel down : on tanks when in base camp having a beer or whisky

Diggit Tool: A Leatherman or similar combination tool used by engineering rates onboard ship.

dike: diagonal pliers

DILDO: Direct Input Limited Duty Officer


DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give A F%ck?

DILLIGAF: Does it look like I give a ...k

dilligaf: does it look like i give a f***

DILLIGAFF: Do I look like I give a flying f##k.

DILLIRATGAFF: Do I Look Like I Really And Truely Give A Flying Fuck

Ding: Short for Ding Hao, Chinese for "OK".

Dinged: Only wounded charlie

Dingleberries: Dirt behind doors after "clean sweep down fore & aft."


DINK: Double Income, No Kids- military married to military, sometimes just for the benefits.

Dink: enemy


Dink: Another name for Charlie, or Viet Cong


Dinkey Dau: Crazy.

Dinki dau: Crazy

Dinki Dau: Crazy

dinkidow: crazy

Dinky Dau: Stupid person/not too bright

Dinky Dau: Crazy, Loony,

Dinky Dou (Dow): Crazy.

dinky dow: crazy or very crazy


Dinky Dow: Crazy - loony

Dinky dow: Crazy

Dinky dow: Vietnamese for not good, less, dumb, etc.

dinky dow: word used in vietnam to describe someone was crazy

dinkydo: Crap-S***

Dinq (Dink) List: List of personnel delinquent in submarine qualification progress

Dinque Dau (Dinky Dow): Crazy

Dirka: Used to describe something made in an arabic country, such as dirka coke, or dirka water.

Dirt and Worms: Chili Mac and macaroni or ground beef and macaroni in the Navy.

Dirt bag: don't take shower

Dirt Bag: Any useless or un-squared away person.

Dirt Bag: Soldier whos uniform Very, very. wrinkle and boots that are not buffed

Dirt Dart: Someone freefalling either from chute not opening or from a fatal hookup (air assault).

DIRTBAG: Someone who does not shower

Dirtball: Slob

Distance Measurement: A click.

Dit Jockey: radio operator in USCG or Navy

Ditty: Cadence

DITTY BOPPER: Morse intercept operator.

Ditty bag: Cream colored bag used for dirty whites in boot camp

ditty bag: A bag used to carry personal hygiene items

Ditty Bag: Place where your dirty clothes are found.

Ditty Bag: Bag of Toiletries

Ditty Bop: Moving without noise dicipline or walk like a civilian

Ditty Bop: Commo Specialists.

Ditty Bopper: O5H-Morse Code Intercept

Ditty Move: Moving ones items by oneself during PCS instead of using Military Transport, from DoITYourself Move. Done usually because a soldier receives money from the Army all services? per pound moved.

Ditty-Bopp: Not marching properly

Ditty-Bopper: A Morse intercept operator

dittybop: to have an unmilitary bounce in your step

DiWee: Captain

dixie cup: sailors white hat

Dixie Cup: Enlisted male sailors white hat

Dixie Cup: Navy enlisted white hat, or commonly called the sailor hat.

Dixie Station: South China Sea off South Vietnam, area of ops for US Navy.

DM triple C: Deputy Missle Complex Crew Commander (Assistant commander of a SAC ICBM missle silo crew)

Do Mi Amie: Kiss My ASS

do not cavitate! : submarine for increase prop speed slowly



Doc: Name used for any enlisted medic or corpsman

Doc (all forces): Medic or Corpsman

Dog: One that if not trained properly or not treated for disease becomes UNFAITHFUL and RABID, As in full of rage to the point of only being good for Violence and Spreading of Violence )

dog all water tight!: lock all hatches( submarine)

Dog and pony show: doing something for the Brass or the public

Dog Ear: Mechanism used to secure a hatch closed on a naval vessel.

dog robber: admirals aide

Dog Robber: Officers personal orderly

Dog Tags: Military id tags.

Dog watch: Navy watchstander's rotation watch. 1st dogwatch = 1600 to 1800. 2nd dogwatch 1800 to 2000. Prevents sailors from having to stand the same watches every day.

Dog Wrench: A tool used onboard ships to tighten hatches.

DOGGED DOWN: the act of locking and making a hatch closed and watertight

Doggie Diner: Foward mess deck on the Kitty Hawk

DOGPATCH: Any Vietnamese ville especially along Route 1


Doin' a Rommel: Successfully carrying out a near-impossible mission (Army)

don: don't let any of this bother you

Donkey dick: Fuel hose

Donkey Dick: Nozzle for Jerry Can / Fuel Can


donkey dick: 3-ft. black hose attached to an eductor to dewater a space

Donkey Dick: A spout for a 5 gallon "Jerry" can

Donkey Dick: Flexible hose spout used in fuel cans

Donkey Dick: A hose extension used to defuel wing tanks

dont mean nothin: the only answer to a bad event

Donut Dolly: Female Red Cross member

Donut Dolly: Women from the American Red Cross

DOPE: A term use when adjusting your sights on your weapon... Remember. It's not always the DOPE on the weapon, but it could be the dope behind the weapon.

Dope on a Rope: Air assault qualified soldier.

DotHead or White Head: Somebody wearing Garmet or White Towel on their head

Double digit figits: Less than 100 days to go in country

Double Digit Midget: 99 days (or less) until ETS

Double digit midgit: 99 DAYS OR LESS OCONUS

Double Dumb: One who re-enlists

Double nuts: phrase used to describe two consecutive zeros

Double Time: Run

Douche Kit: Shaving Kit

douche kit: small back for toiletries

douche kit: shaving kit

Doughboys: American soldiers who went to war in Europe

Down range: Any forward-deployed area of operations

Dragonfly: Alternative, widely-used name for USAF Cessna AT-37 ("Killer Tweet"/"Killer Tweety Bird").

DRESS BLUES: Official Military Service Formal Suit.

dress canvas: Navy dress uniform

Dress Right Dress: Keeping everything lined up and in order.

Dress Right Dress: All aligned

drifty as a one winged sea gull: not the brightest bulb on the tree, etc

Drifty as a One Winged Seagull: Not the brightest one.

Drunk-Ex: Consumption of large amounts of alcohol while on liberty.

Dual Cool: Marine Who Is Scuba & Jump Trained

duce gear: same as 782 gear

Duckets: Money to spend

Duckweigh Generator: New troop sent to Supply to ask for a Duckweigh . When Supply says they dont know what he/shes talking about, and the newbie asks Whats a Duckweigh, anyway? The answer is 10 lbs.

Duct Diver: One who inspects jet engines for foreign objects

Dudd: no brains- can't do anything right

Dumber than a Box of Rocks: A very stupid sailor, usually very young.

Dumber that a box of rocks.: Used in the Navy to describe a really dumb person.

Dumpster diver: counter intel weenie

Dung Lai: Stop


DUST BUNNIES: Lint under rack

Dust Bunny: Wool pieces that take up residence under racks and basic trainee barracks wall lockers

Dust Off: Medical Helicopter

dust off: chopper picking up troops from field

Dust Off: Huey helicopter medevac

dust-off : medivac helicopter

DUSTOFF: Dedicated Unhesitiatin Service To Our Fighting Forces (UNARMED Med Evac from anywhere


Duty-Honor-Paycheck: Sarcastic ethos of the professional soldier.

Dying Cockroach: Used for punishment by Drill Sergeants in the Army, making someone lay on their back with arms and legs outstreched



E.T.A: Extract the Area

E.T.S.: Estimated Time Of Separation

E.T.S.: Enough of this sh*t

E.T.S.: End Time in Service

Eager Beaver: Workerolic

Eagle driver: F-15 pilot

Ears: Recruit slang for "Listen up!"

Easy Eight: Grade 8 Chief

Eating Cheese: Brown-nosing.

eating cheese: kissing a$$

Echo Tango Suitcase: End of Term in Service /ETS.

Economy: Only applies when you are overseas. ie Living on the "economy" means not living on base or base housing; or get something on the Economy, that means not getting on base but getting from the locals

EDCSA: Effective date change strength accountability

Ediwah: Hurry Up . . . Come here, quick!

EFI Only: Encrypted For Information Only.

Egg Beater: Helicopter

Egg Yah: Baby

Eighty Duece: 82nd Airborne Div.

Eighty-six: Get rid of, out of item, "86 that before the CO gets here"

Eisenhower Jacket: Army dress-uniform jacket.

Elbow Grease: To use force when scrubbing

Elephant Grass : tall, sharp-edged grass found in the highlands of Vietnam

Elephant Rubber: rubbertube used to store arty charges


eleven up and three down (8 up): screwed up recruit

eleven up, three down, all eight up: thorougly confused without any hope of recovery

ELINT: Electronic Intelligence

EMHO Report: Early Morning Hard0n Report

EOS: Morse code lingo for "end of skid" meaning no more transmissions. We used it in general terms to mean that was all we had to say or do .b

ESI: Extra Sensitive Information.

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival.

ETS: Estimated termination of service

ETS: Expiration Term of Service

EUCOM: Assignment to "European Command" units.

EWAM: Eschelons Way Above Me

Exhaust sample: Army Aviation / A joke played on new aircrewman

Exhaust Sample: When you tell a soldier to take a plastic bag and attempt to retrieve exhaust from a military vehicle. It's fun to watch.

Exmisfit: some one that has gotten straitened out

Eyeballs: Recruit slang for, "Look at me and pay attention."

Eyes in the boat: Keeping your eyes looking straight ahead without looking around.

Eyes Only: Communication meant for specifically named person.

F O: forword observer

F T A: F#$% the Army


F&#$ing A Tweetie Bird: Absolutely, irrevocably

F.I.S.T.: Fire Support Team - Artillery forward observer

F.N.G.: F'in New Guy

f.t.a.: fuck the army

F4 Tape: Rubber Vulcanizing Tape, used to stop hydrallic leaks on F4s

FAC: Forward Air Controller

FANG: hes a fang. Fu**ing Air National Guard.


FANGS: Fu*king Air ational Guard

Fart Blossom: Somebody who wasnt very well thought of.

Fart Recovery: Assigned detail; Cleaning the rest room.

Fart Sack: Sleeping Bag

Fart Sack: Sleeping bag

fart sack: sleeping bag

Fart Sack: sack in which mattresses are stored when not in use-mattress usually remained on the empty rack in the fart sack

Fart Sack: The sack type sheets we used in boot camp in the the mid 50's.

Fart Sack : Mattress cover.

fart sack: military cot

Fart Sack: Marine Fabric Cover on Rack Mattress

Fart Sack: Mattress cover

Fart Sack: Sleeping bag


Fast mover: Fixed wing jet fighter

Fast Movers: F-4 Phantoms

fast talking: flying an aircraft very low and fast

fat albert: C 5 galaxy

Fat Albert: C-5

Fat Albert: Nickname for USS Mount Whitney LCC-20.

Fat Body: An overweight soldier

Fat Jaws or my jaws are fat: You're really angry

Fear Gear: Steel pot & flak jacket


FEBA: False enthusiasm, bad attitude

FECOM: Assignment to Far East Command (usually Korea).

Feet Wet: Over water (for flyers)

Feets: Heads so far up Commanders ass! (Ass Kisser)

fetch the left-handed "Flight-line" wrench: no such thing USMC

Fich Man Pronounced "Fish": First In Chow Hall

FIDO: Fk It, Drive On

FIDO: f### it drive on

field day: clean and shine your assigned area- Navy

Field day: Barraks cleaning for inspection

field day: clean up the barracks/ co. area

Field Day: Deep cleaning of Barrack, Galley Units, and all work areas...

Field Day: Reference to fully clean the barracks on thursdays in the Marines.

Field Day: To clean up an area,cleaning your room each week.

Field Day: Term used in Navy means to thoroughly clean the area.

Field Day: Like its something fun, to clean your barracks

Field Day: General Quarters Cleaning

Field day: Day set aside for cleaning the office and barracks

Field Latrine: A hand dug trench in a bivouc area for crapping.

Field Strip: Break a cigarette butt down

Field Strip a Cigarette: Strip off paper & spread tobacco around.

FIGHTIN FIVE N DIME: Pet name for the destroyer, USS Eaton DD/DDE510

FIGMO: Finally I Got My Orders


FIGMO: Fuck it, got my orders

FIGMO: FU** it, Got My Orders


Figmo: F * * K it, got my orders


FIGMO: F you I Got my orders

FIGMO: F@#K it, got my orders

FIGMO STICK: Forget (sometimes) I got my orders

FIJFI: F*** It! Just F*** It!

File 13: An imaginary file that really means the waste basket

Filet of Mule Tool: Sliced cold cuts in the Navy.

find 100 yards of flight: helicopter flight staging area

find a a-s-h reciever: ash tray in helicopter

Finishing Lumber: toothpicks

Fire fight: Exchange of weapon's fire with enemy

Fire for effect: Artillery barrage

Fire the rifle: Fire a missle from an aircraft

Fire Watch: Personnel stationed in adjacent compartments next to a compartment where welding was occuring on Navy ships.

Fire Watch: Night guard duty

Fire Watch Ribbon: National Defense Ribbon

Firesides: Cleaning soot out of the stacks usually with a fire hose by Boiler Technicians

First Shirt: First Sergeant

First Shirt: Air Force First Sergeant


First Shirt: 1st Sgt

First Shirt: First Sgt.

First shirt or shirt or skirt: First Sergeant

First Stud: Air Force First Sargeant (Squadron 1st Sargeant)

FITREP: Fitness Report

Five and Dime: Nickname USS Eaton DDE-510

FLAP: F@#$ lazy airforce personnel

flap jacks: something newbies were sent to get on the flight line

Flat Hatting: military pilot flying lower than regulations allow.

Flat Top: Air Craft Carrier

Flat top: Navy ship, Air Craft Carrier


Flick: Movie.

Flight Line: Send the new guys to supply to get some flight line. Flight line was actually where the aircraft were parked on the ramp.

Flight line: Something you send newbee to aviation station assignment for.

Flip-Flapper: Undecided Commander or Leader.

Flip-Now: Move out! (Infantry Operation)

Float test: throw over the side of a ship

float test: dumping some unwanted thing over the side of a ship

Float.: Battalion landing team deployed at sea. Marines

Floating Target: Officer in a parachute.

Flush the Head: Put a chief on sea duty.

fly boy: air force member

Fly Boy: Officer or Enlisted Men on Flying Duties.

Fly boys: Air Force

fly shit: pepper shaker

Flyboy: any pilot or airman

Flyboys: Helicopter Units

Flying Box Car: C-119 Aircraft

flying gas station: Air Force refuler KC 135

Flying Oil Leak: C-121

Flying Piss Pot: Term used in the Navy to describe the insignia used on a Boiler Tender or Boiler Technician's rating badage.

Flyrod: lower enlisted Air Force

FM: F***ing magic, used when electronics device that wasn't working correctly starts working by itself.

FM: F'ing Magic - The mysterious way equipment that was broken suddenly begins to work....

FMF Stomp: FMF Marines kicking comm wire from boot eyelets

FMT (Facilites Maint. Team): F**kin Magic Team SAC Term



FNG: F**king NEW GUY

FNG: F#$* ing New Guy

FNG: F**king new guy

FNG: Fu#^&^ken New Guy

FNG: Fu**ing New Guy.

FNG: F**king New Guy

FNG: F***ing New Guy

FNG: Funny New Guy

FNG, Cherry, Ping: Fing New Guy- someone who just arrived in country

FO: Artillery forward observer


FOAD: F*&k off and die

FOB: Forward operationg Base

FOB: Forward Operating Base

FOB: Forward Operating Base

FOBBET: Someone who has been deployed overseas, but has never been off of the base they are on.

FOBBIT or FOB-GOBLIN: A Soldier that stays on the FOB for an entire deployment (never leaves the wire)

Fobbit, Fobgoblin: someone who never leaves the fob(foward operating base)

Fobbits: soldiers who Never go outside the wire. similar to Pogue

FOD: Foreign Object Debris (FL object)/FO Damage to A/C

FOD: Flight ops lingo for - Foreign Object Damage

FOD walk: In the Marine Corps airwing--The lining-up of all of the flightline personnel to walk the flightline and pick up everything that might cause FOD(foreign object damage) to the aircraft or its engine.

Fog Lookout: A new seaman assigned a bow watch for fog location by pointing a finger at its location to the bridge watch and reporting it .

Foo Foo Juice: Shaving lotion or cologne.


Foofoo Juice: After shave or cologne.

Foreign Airborn Matter: Enemy shrapnel and rounds in a firefight

Foreskins on toast: Creamed chipped beef on toast

foreskins on toast: creamed chip beef on toast

Form 6 : Army Duty Roster

Forth Point of Contact: You Butt, Airborne personnel are the only ones who understand this. The five points of contact upon landing are Balls of feet, Calves, Thighs, Butt, and then shoulders.

Forty Mark Strasse: Red Light District

Forward Observer: One who calls artillery fire for an infantry platoon

FOT Foreskins-on-toast: SOS is for beef--------FOT is chipped ham on toast

Four Seater: Outhouse with four holes

Foxtrot Sierra Hotel: F**king Shit Hot Really good.

Frag: Using a grenade on someone you did not like.

Frag: A grenade

frag: to eliminate the person in charge after a cluster f**k

frag ("to frag", or "fragged"): Removal of inept command by subordinate personnel (bottom up) rather than top down chain of command

frag bag: bag wore around the waist

fragging: use a grenade to eleminate a bad officer or non com

FRED: Freaking Retarded Every Day

Free Bird: Jet Flying Back Top U.S.A.

Freeboard: Something "strikers" were sent searching for.

Freedom Bird: The plane that takes you back to "The World".

freedom bird: plane flying gis back to the states

Freedom Bird: The airplane that took you home from Viet Nam

Freedom Bird: Air Plane Leaving The Nam returning GI's Back to the World ( USA)

frequency grease: Sent Radio Operators around base looking for a gallon of frequency grease

Frequency Grease: Non-existent lubricant to fix interference on communication equipment

Frequency Grease: A Term used for boots new in the Communications Field

Frequency Grease: A made up term to send new communications soldiers to hunt for!

Front Leaning Rest: Our pushup position

Front Leaning Rest: push-up position

Front Leaning Rest: Pushup Position

Fruit salad: Many ribbons on ones chest

Fruit Salad: One who has many many ribbons.

FTN: F %&#X The Navy. ships crew pissed off to the max about everything

FTW: F The World - Expression of general disgust with one's circumstances.

fu**sation: total state of confusion and chaos


FUBAR: Fucked up Beyond All Repair

FUBAR: Fouled (or effed) Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR: F*d up beyond all recognition

FUBAR: F$*ked Up Beyond All Recognition

FUBAR: F$*ked beyond all recognition

FUBAR: F*&*ed up beyond all recognition.


FUBIJAR: F U Buddy I'm Just A Reservist.

FUBIJAR: F You Buddy I'm Just A Reservist

FUBYOYO: F*** You Buddie, You're On Your Own.

Fuel Bunny: 77F Fuel Handler, Army

Full Bird: Navy Captain

Full Bird: Colonel in the Army, Marine Corp, & Air Force

Full Bird Corporal: Specialist 4 (Army)

Full Bird Private: Army Specialist E-4; so called because of the eagle on the SPCs shield rank insignia. A play on full bird colonel and usually used to mock or belittle an SPC who behaves above his paygrade.

Full Bird Private: Term used to describe an Army Specialist

Full Bull: A bird Colonel

Full throttle: Air Force - Busting ass to get a job done. Gungho.

FUMF: Fat Ugly M*&#*@F*@!$# - B-52

FYGMO: F*** You, Got My Orders

G I # huckking 10: they didnt like you

G I chop-chop: kids begging for food

G-1: Officer in Command of Personnel allocations.

G-1: Officer in command of military intelligence.

G-2: Officer in Command of Military Intelligence.

G-3: Officer in Command of training army personnel.

G-4: Officer in Command of Army Supply logistics.

G. I. Party: Cleaning the Barracks

G. I. Party: Clean up the barracks and polish the floors every friday night

G.I.: Government Issue

G.I. Party: This could also be for a GI who is a jerk, a blanket will be thrown over his rack bed and while he is being held down other GIs will put a bar of soap in a sock and he will get his ass kicked

G.I. Shower: To grab an unbathed & stinking comrade and wash him down in the shower, using floor brooms and laundry soap

GAF: Give a F***

GAF: Give A F**K...who cares!

Gaggin Wagon: Lunch Truck

gaggle: mass confusion

Gaggle F*#!: To walk in general disarray I.E. not in formation or a straight line

Gagglefuck: A group of soldiers goofing off while on duty or a SNAFU that has turned FUBAR.

Gaines Burgers: Mystery meat burgers served in VietNam

Gainesburgers: Round Meat Patties

Gallopin' Crud: A particularly virulent form of Gonnorea, venereal disease

Galloping Ghost of the Arabian Coast: The flagship of Commander Middle East Forces, painted white to reflect the not sun.

Gangplank: Ramp from dock to ship

Gas Jockey: Refueling Specialist

Gas passers: Refueling boom operators

Ge Dunk Truck: Truck that sold Candy and other sundries on the pier.

Gear Adrift: Navy - Something not in its proper place, usually during inspections.

Gear Dog: Carrier arresting gear personnel

Gedunk: Ice cream, candy, etc. (Navy term)

gedunk: snack bar

Gedunk: Ice cream.

Gedunk: Ice Cream.

GeDunk - U.S. Navy: Sweets Or Any Other Junk Food

gedunk machine: a candy or pop machine

gedunk machine: vending machine

Gedunk stand: The PX

Gedunk wagon: Chow truck

Gee-dunk: Cafateria, candy store, personal supplies store.

GEE-DUNK: Any junk foods (chips candy etc).

Gee-dunk Stand: Ice cream and soda stand.

gee-dunk truck: food truck that came to batallion areas

GeeDunk: Ships Store

geedunk: candy,junkfood

geedunk: candy or junk food

Geedunk: small store on base or aboard ship to buy pogey-Bate snacks or candy

geedunk: canteen or snack bar aboard ship; on shore - place to buy snacks


geedunk: ice cream

Geedunk: Place to buy snacks ie candy, chips etc.

Geedunk: Ship's store.

geedunk: junk food

geedunk: Junk food

Geedunk: Candy and garbage food or a place to buy it

geedunks: snacks

geeters: money

General Confusion: Whose in charge when everything is gong wrong

Gesturing: closed fist w/extended thumb, touching : Silent D'oh!, D'uh, my bad.

Get a bucket of "Hay" and go outside and feed the : Motor Transport joke, nickname for a vehicle. USMC

Get Over MF: Personnel that constantly get out of work details

Get some payback.: Marine slang, what ever it takes, die trying effort too kill enemy for personal revenge.

Get the FHT and move out!: f****ing heavy thing. ie: mortar plate, dragon round, fifty cal. receiver.

Get the key to the "Basement": all the units I been at didn't have any basement. USMC

get up those wooden hills: go up the stairs

Get you some!: Get into the firefight.

Get your bore punched: Procedure used to see if you have an std.

get your head and ass wired together: usually a DI to a recruit who needed to get on the same page

Get10: Do 10 push ups for a screw up


Getting your Crow: advancing to E-4 and above

Getting Your Ticket Punched: (For Officers) Serving in a line unit for 60 days.

GG: Good to Go.

GHOST: One that cant be found when work to be done -hide/disappear

Ghost Turd: What Marine DI's called the collected dust under your bunk.

Ghost Turd: A ball of fuzz, dust, etc., found under your bunk in the barracks if you haven't swept in a few days

Ghostin: Avoiding duty

GI drink: bowel softener

GI Gin: cepocal and codeine cough syrup with alcohol in it from the infirmery. Used to relieve sore muscles on a 54 hour maneuver.

GI Party: Cleaning barracks before inspection

GI party: intensive cleaning of a barracks

GI Party: "Squaring away" a non-confroming soldier

GIB: guy in back. back seater in F-4 fighter

gidunks pronounsed geedunks: snacks or junk food

GIFA: The Great Iraqi F*** All (British Army term for the Iraqi desert)

GIG LINE: Shirt button line runs vertical with zipper line "smart appearance"

Gig Line: That line created by your shirt, belt buckle and zipper.

Gig Line: The end of the buckle on a belt is Parallel (on top of) the top of the fly (where the button is) on uniform trousers

Gig Slip: A demerit slip of paper we had to keep on out person in case we got some sort of minor infraction during a spot inspection. In OTS in 1970, I once got a Gig Slip for not having a gig slip on me.

GIRB: GI Rat Bas**rd - regular guy, just one of the guys

Gitmo: Guantanimo Bay

GIVE ME A " ROE": Marlboro cigarette

give me a down(or up) bubble!: put an angle on a submarine

Give me a huss: Do me a favor

Giving/Getting a "Case of the Ass": Getting mad or making someone mad.

GIZMACHI: Odds and ends, anything you can't give a name to

Gizmo: Term used in the Marine Corps for someone who was a foul-up, or could never get things done correctly

gmf: goodbye mother f****r

GMF: Gone Mother F%#$R Usually a count down to departure 10 days GMF

Go Ahead: Joke.

Go and find the batteries for a Kem Lite: Something that you would have new soldiers go and look for.

Go Fasters: The name of USMC Recrutes running shoes

go fasters: running shoes

Go Fasters: Running Shoes

Go Fasters: Athletic footwear

go get 10 yards of flight line for me: a joke a booters who didn't know that the flight line is where planes take off from



Go Get A Ht Punch: Sent boot camps to hull tect shop, instead of tool, they get hit.

Go get me a "bucket of line feeds" !!!: No such thing!!!! A rookie teletypist is at times ask to produce from the Naval Storekeepers.

Go get me a box of grid squared: Send someone new on a bogus mission

Go get me some *sound powered phone batteries*.Nav: For new recruits ( no such Items - sound powered ! )

Go get the keys for the Humvee.: Hummers dont have keys.

Go Grab A Piece Of Flight Line: Newbees in Squadrons are sent to get this. It isn't a thing to get, it is where planes taxi back to their Squadrons.

Go Over-The-Hill: Run away, AWOL

Go Scratch: Get away or out of here.

Go to Geedunk to get poggie bait..: Go to canteen to get candy bar

Goat Locker: Navy E-7 Chiefs Mess on ship or a bar off ship

Goat Locker: Chief quarters onboard a Navy ship.

Goat Rope: Large, unorgainzed effort that accomplishes very little.

Goat Rope: Mass confusion see also gagglef*#k and clusterf^*k

Goat Rope: Typically screwed up operation

GOB: Enlisted Naval personnel

Going ARVN: When foreign soldiers trained by US military advisors cut and run during a firefight.

Going native: Marine slang,for a marine that has to be put in the Brig and forced too return to The United States.

Going Over: Used for a sailor going on liberty

Going to the Big Smoke: Going to London for your two day off (Air Force Security Service)

Gold Brick: Very Lazy Marine.

Gold Brick: Soldier who dodges responsibility.

Gold Bricking: To be lazy or not do your duty


Golden Rod: 2nd Lt.


GOMER: Term used by medical personnel for sick-call rangers. Get Outta My Exam Room

Gomer: A Marine that kept messing up. Ref: Gomer Pyle

Gone ape shit: metally unstable

Gone Native: When a US Forces member starts acting, speaking, sitting, & eating Vietnamese-style.

Gonzo Station: Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf area during hostage crisis in Iran (US Navy).

Good Enough For Government Work : When a task was completed close to standard

Good to Go: Ready.

Good to go: Ready for action

Good-to-go: The answer to everything.

Goofing Off: Not doing the army tasks assigned.

Gook-Charley: Sniper

gooks in the wire: Enemy approaching

Gooms or Goums: Algerian Infantry Units, real bad guys around women


Gooney Bird: Seagull

gooney bird: C-47- aiplane rused in many configurations

Goonie Bird: USAF term for C-47 Skytrain Aircraft. (Military Version of the DC-3)

Gopher: One who goes for this and that.

Gotta do the 5 S,s B4 going ashore: SHIT,SHOWER,SHAVE and SHINE my SHOES...

Gotta go DOUCHE: Take a shower.

GQ: Navy General Quarters

Grab Ass: Term used in all services for frockling around, usually including wrestling.

Grab Ass: Soldiers messing or screwing around; usually involves wrestling

Grand Central Station: More than one set of railroad tracks (creases) on your pants.

Grannies: Ugly female black shoes

Grape: Freshly shorn head of new recruit

Grapes: Personnel who refueled aircraft on carriers. Named so because their shirts were purple.

Gravel Agitator: Infantryman.

Gravel Agitator: Infantry.

Gravity Check: Dropping equipment

Grease Gun: A particular machine gun that resembled a grease gun

Grease Gun: .45 Cal Sub-machine gun

Grease Pit: An in-ground trap adjacent to a mess hall for collection of messhall grease gone downdrain.

Grease Trap Duty: A worse assignment than KP duty (for F/U's).

Green: New recruit or untrained

Green bean: Taking a person to run the bars in Korea


Green bean tour: Taking a new person in Korea on a tour of the bars

Green Beenie: Green Beret

green board!: all hull to sea openings indicate shut:: sub ready to dive

Green Card: Military ID

Green Line: Defensive Perimeter around a LZ or Camp

Green Weenie: Slang for the Army machine- the BIG brass;powers that be; etc.

Green Wienie: Pershing Missile

Gremlin: When something went wrong with a plane it was blamed on gremlins

Grenade: explosive

Grey Matter: That material between the ears that mistakes are made

GREYHOUND: Destroyers plane guarding, viewed from the Carrier look like greyhounds running in a race...

GRF: Giant Rat F**k...Large scale operation against VC/NVA.

Grid Squares: New soldiers are sent to retrieve a box of them.

grinder: parade ground

Grinder: Marching field

Grinder: Drill field

Grinder: Parade Field

ground guides: new soldiers are sent to go get a (box of ground guides)

Ground Pounder: Infrantryman

ground pounder: Infantry

Ground Pounder: Infantry, walking soldier.

Ground Pounder: Infantry

Ground Pounder: What Artillery men call Infantry men

Ground Pounder (USAF): Non-rated/non-flying personnel of Air Force.

Ground pounder..: A recruit! ! !

Ground Pounders: Slang for Army troops.

groundpounder: infantryman

groups: A measure of distance.

Grovel: To suck up to...to brown nose.

GRUNT: Ground Replacement Usually Not Trained.

GRUNT: Stands for (Ground Replacement Usually Not Trained)

GRUNT: WWII phrase - Ground Replacement Usually Not Trained

Grunt: Army 11B Infantryman

Grunt: AKA groundpounder 0311 infantry Marine

Grunt: Infantry Soldier

grunts with a shovel: 12 Bravo Combat Engineers

GTD: General Tightening Down, as in conforming exactly to regulations

GU11: bogus aircraft designation--gull--used when lookouts were very bored on picked duty in the Gulf of Tonkin

GU11: Designation used by old salts in the Navy to get boots to look for an aircraft, but really a sea gull.


Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club: Navy Enlisted Serving in the South China Sea/Gulf of Tonkin

Gum Gardner: Navy Dentist

Gun Bunnie: Vulcan Crew members 16Rs.

gun bunnies: artillery ammo humpers

Gun Bunnies: Field Artillery Crew

Gun Bunnies: Field Artillery Unit Personel

GUN BUNNIES: Artillery personnel.

Gun Bunnies: Vulcan crewmembers 16Rs

Gun Bunny: Field Artillery Soldier 13B

Gun Bunny: Artillery Man

gun bunny: Army 11C Indirect fire (mortar) infantry

Gun bunny: any 13B

Gun Bunny: Artillery Gun Crewman

Gun Deck: Lying about doing the required Daily Maintance Checks

gun deck it: let it slide, no big deal

Gun Plumber: Air Force weapons mechanic

Gun Plumber : Weapons technician (loader) that loaded and repaired aircraft guns and gun system

gunbunny: an artilleryman

Gundeck: Falsify maintenance records.

GUNG HO: operate strickly by the book

Gung Ho: Overly Enthused

gung ho: was a lifer

Gungy: Enthusiastic, motivated

gunner: marine chief warrant officer 4

Gunner: Warrent officer slang title

gunnie : gunnery sergant

Gunny: Gunnery sgt

Gunship: Armed to the tilt huey chopper

gut truck: mobile snack vendor seen around post area

gut truck: food truck or van parked outside the barracks

gut truck: meal truck

Gut Truck: Mobile vending truck

Gut Truck: Catering truck

H&I: Harassment & Interdiction.

H-Hour: Moment in an operation when the first troops began the attack.


HAC: Helicopter Aircraft Commander

Hajee: a person of middle eastern ethnicity or a local Iraqi citizen

half stepper: Not doing anything totally to the fullest

half stepping : doing something half as*ed

HALO: high altitude low opening -- military free fall

HALO: High Altitude Low Opening

Ham and Mother fu***ers: K rations: Ham and Beans

Ham and muther f......: Ham and Lima Beans

Handy Billy: Fire pump aboard ship to pump sea water.

Hang the Dog Out: Getting totally drunk during an inport period in Olongapo City, Philippines.

Hang Tough: be strong

Hangar Queen: 1) Aircraft that is always in need of repair. 2) Personnel who go on sick-call too frequently.

Hangar Queen: Aircraft kept in the hangar for parts

Hangar Queen: An aricraft that hasn't flown for 30 days or more - USAF

Hanger Basement: A place to send new bee's for generator brushes.

Hanger Queen: Aircraft used for spare parts.

Hanger Queen: Heavily Canabolized Acft for Parts far away from Flying again

Hanger Queen: A/C setting in the hanger and used for parts.

Hanger Queen: Equipment or aircraft used for spare parts

Hanger Queen: Aircraft used for spare parts

Hanger Queen: An aircraft used for spare parts AKA hanger b****

Hanger Queen: Aircraft that stay in the hanger 30+ days

HANOI HANNAH: Woman broadcaster from Hanoi, North Viet-Nam

Happy Hour: Running the Grider for an hour with your rifle over your head, after messing up in Boot Camp.

Hard core: NVA or committed enemey

Hardball : Concrete or Pavement

Harms Way: putting yourself in danger

hashmarks on his skivvies: brownish stains on his underpants

HASP: Hawaiian Armed Service Police

hat up: let's go, let's get out of here, leave

Hat Up!: Let's go! (Air Force)

HATCH: A door or entryway between to compartments on a naval vessel

Hatch: Door on ship/sub (also used on land by Navy personnel)

Hawk: Strong wind, usually freezing cold The hawks up.

HAWK: Hard, cold wind

Haze Gray and Underway: In the Navy, shipboard duty, or to be at sea on a ship.

Haze Grey & Under Way: Freshly Painted Ship and Sea Bound

HazMat: Hazardous Material

HazMat Tool: A Racheting Wrench and Socket used to open and close Hazardous Material Barrels

HE: High Explosive

He: An Air Force Security force member pulling stingermissile duty in korea

He's " OUT THERE ": crazy

Head: Bath room

Head: Rest Room Facilities


head: Bathroom

head space & timing: knowledge

Headspace and Timing Alignment: Someone/thing/mission that ain't going well and needs work.

Heave out & Trice up!: Get up and make your rack/bed.

Heavy: B52 Bomber

Heavy Junk: referring to heavy equipment such as bulldozers

Hello Mc Fly!: Idiot.

Helo: Helicopter

Helo Pad: Landing area for Helicopters

Here comes the general: In coming screw up

Herky: C-130

hermans: germans

Hero: Anyone in the military

Hero: What DI's call recruits in a sarcastic way ... usually after a recruit does something stupid.

Hershey bars: stripes

HEY: Nick name of USS Harry E Yarnell CG-17. One of the first ships to have personalized ball caps.

Hey Joe!: Foreign nationals trying to sell just about anything to a serviceman overseas. Yells out "Hey Joe, look see, cheap."

High & tight (to Airborne Personnel): A good military haircut

High and Tight: A haircut used mostly Marines and super gung-ho Army guys.

High and Tight : Not a fresh haircut but a Marine corps cut, hair worn HIGH on the top and TIGHT on the sides. Resembling the lid on a jar. Therefore the name JARHEAD.

High and tight: A type of hair cut not a fresh one

High and Tight: Fresh Hair-Cut

High Angle Hell: Incoming Mortar Fire

High Speed: someone who thinks fast, or if used sarcastically, an idiot

high speed low drag: troop with his act together

High Speed Low Drag: Squared Away, Knowledgeable, Capable

High Speed, Low Drag: Pretty cool

High-Bird: Walking outside and flipping the "bird" to Russian Satillites

Highspeed: Motivated Soldier

Hit the beach.: Marine slang, leaving ship for liberty, wild liberty.

Hit the bricks: formation

Hit the Deck : get up and get to work

Hit the pit: Go to bed

Hit the rack: Get in your bunk/bed.

Hit the sack: go to bed

Hit the skids - Navy: Sumarine term for hitting the rack - some racks were on the torpedo loading skids

Hitting the prop wash: Jumping out of the C-119

HMFIC: head Muther f&%#@r in Charge

Hodgie: Any iraqi

HOG : M60 Machinegun

Hog, feeding the hogs: Marine dependents, feeding the dependents.

Hogg: Army - slang name for a 98H (Morse Intercept/Locator).

Hoggie Bait: Junk Food

hogs: refueling aircraft

Hoist the main brace: Going for a drink

Hold Overs: Military personnel awaiting orders

Holiday Routine: Holiday for some, Routine for the rest of us// light holiday hours

Hollywood Shower: A shower taken onboard a Navy ship where the water was left continously running during the shower...A big no no.

Holy Ghost: C130 with 20 rotery guns under the wings

Holy joe: Inter office envelope

Honcho: Boss or expert

Honcho: Boss.

Honcho: The one in charge

honey bucket: sewage removal vehichle

Honey Bucket: Plywood toilet with 55 gallon cans to Crap in

Honey Bucket Brigade: Burn crap & p--- in half/55gal. barrels w/diesel fuel

honey hole duty: burning waste matter from the toilet Shit

honey pot: 55 gal drum cut in half. Used as a toilet.

Honeyco: A term of endearment for a sidewalk sweetheart in the Philippines.

Honkey-Tonk PX Belibo: Thats right!

Honor Man: The top graduate in a military school.


Hoo-ah!: Marching behind cavalry: watch your step (horse dung)

Hoo-Rah!: Also used by Sailors not just Marines to acknowledge an order that draws out excitment in doing ones job!!

Hooah: Army, cheer and an affirmitive response

Hooah: Army for I agree or yes sir

Hooah: Actually it is an acronym, HUA (pronounced Hooah) for Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

HOOAH: (who-a) adj.[slang used by soldiers] referring to or meaning anything and everything except "no".

Hooahhh: Battlecry/statement/question/Great/Message Received/Understood/Glad to meet you/Welcome/I don't know but I'll check on it/Thanks/You've taken the correct action/Next Slide/Amen!

hooch: panama local

Hooch: A tent made by ponchos, rods and string.

hooch: bunk

Hooch: Living quarters


Hooch, Steam, Bright Penny, Holy Water: Homemade illegal booze made in the field in small stills

Hooker: U.S. Army 67U personnel. CH-47 Chinook aircrewmembers


Hootch: Sleeping Quarters GP Medium or Smaller

Hootch: Place where GIs slept.

Hoover or Hoover Vacuum Cleaner: An S-3 Viking

Hooyah: Affirmative

Hope to Shit in your Flat Hat: Navy term used to express emotion about something they really believed to be true.

Horse cock: Lunch meat sandwich

Horsecock: Balogna- the large sausage roll

Horsecock: Baloney Sandwich

Hosed up: Person or situation that is royally screwed up

Hot LZ: Chopper landing zone being guarded by enemy.

Hot Noser: Butt Kisser

hot rack: sharing a rack/bed with another guy (submariners)

Hot racking: Reference to sailors using the same beds on ships with fewer racks than sailors. One goes on shift and one comes off shift and uses the same rack.

Hot Rod: Loach with Mini-Gun

houch: barracks

House Mouse: Maid

House Mouse: The shortest military person. Helped NCO's in Boot Camp.

Household 6: Slang for the wife, as opposed to S-6 (command)

HPWIC: Head Person Whats In Charge.

HUA: Heard, Unstood and Acknowledged

HUA (hoo-ahh): Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

HUA(pronounced Hooah): Term used by USAF Forward Air Controllers in Korea. It means "Heard-Unoderstood-Acknowledged". This term is USAF in origin and was stolen by the other US military services.

Hubba Hubba: In a hurry, move

Huey: Bell Workhorse Helicopter of Viet-Nam

Hum Bik: I don't understand

HUMINT: Human Intelligence.

Hump: To walk or to march.

Hump: Hiking long distances

Hump the ramp: Air Force security duty on the flight line

Humping: Guarding alert aircraft

HumVee: Not a Hummer

Hundered and Worst: Used by the 82nd Airborne Div. to make fun of the 101st Airborne Div.

Hundred P Alley: Area of Gia Dinh near Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam--Any possible deviant act available there for 100 Piastres (200 P Alley was closer to Saigon)

hus: a favor - as in "Give me a hus."

Hut, Hootch: Dwelling

I croc-a dile you: I kill you

I D 10 T: Idiots (used to send the new guys (newbees) to supply to pick up "I D 10 T's").

I Hear That: What your telling me I know already and agree with what your telling!

I Love Lucy: Illumination round

I.D 10 T Form : made up form . Person doesn't know it till they spell it out

ID 10 TANGO: idiot



Iddy-wah: P-38 for K 3/9 Marines


IHTFP: I Hate This F@#!ing Place.


Impact Area: Area that Artillery aimed for while practice firing

In coming: Look out receiving artillary round fired and coming

In Country: Those serving on land or river patrol in VietNam.

In the bush: on patrol off the base in enemy country

In the rear with the gear: Back in a relative safe area like a base camp or depot but still in hostile area

In the Rear with the Gear: Someone who gets to stay away from the front lines or out of the field.

In Your Lap: To discuss or talk about personal problems

Incoming: VC/NVA Rocket Attack

Indian Country: AO owned by the enemy

Ink Stick: A pen

Ink stick: Pen

Ink-stick: Pen

Inside Skinny: What is really going on.

INT WTF: Interrogative WhatTheF%$# (communications jargon for What's happening?).

Irish penit: String on you uniforms that stick out

Irish Pennant: USMC term, loose thread on uniform

Irish Pennant: Threads hanging from USN uniform

Irish Pennant: Any string or thread hangin from cloth such as clothing, bedding, flags, pennants, etc

Irish Pennant: The fraying strings on clothing

Irish Pennants: Loose/attached stings on uniforms

It is 5 klicks north of here: Do not know

It only hurts when your conscious...: Needling a tall guy when he whacks his head on the top of a hatch

It's only a flesh wound : They almost blew my freaking arm off

it's only a flesh wound : they almost blew my freaking arm off


Its getting dark out side: starting to take fire

Itty Wah: Come here in Korea

Itty-wa Shoes: Sandles, flip flops.

Itty-Waah: c-ratrion can opener USMC 60's

Ivan: Plastic target of enemy at range qualification, originally was the bad Communist Russians

IYAAYWOT: "If You Ain't Ammo, You're Waiting on Them!" Predominately used by AF Weapons personnel. Play on Ammo's motto "If You Ain't Ammo, You Ain't Sh@*!"


JABFU: Joint American/British Foul Up.

Jack of the dust: Someone who breasks out chow from storerooms for the gally on a navy ship

Jack of the dust: Guy in charge of dry stores on ship


Jacked Up: Soldier or missions all messed up

JAFO: Just another F ing observer

JAFO: Just another F'#@'d up officer

JAFO: Just Anothe F#^& officer

JAFO: Just Another F***ing Operator

Jamin Jenny: M16 rifle

JANFU: Joint Army/Navy Foul Up.

Jar Head: Marine

Jar Head: Marine

Jar of Bulkhead Remover: Newbies usually sent to ships Gear Locker for this

jarhead: marine personnel

Jarhead: U.S. Marine.

Jarhead: Marine.

Jarhead: Marine.

Jarhead: A Marine

JATO: Jet Assisted Take Off (actually refers to rocket bottles attached to Bomber aircraft which are fired during takeoff ).

Jeep: Fresh out of basic training

JEEP: Just Enlisted, Expecting Promotion

jeep : low ranking military person, usually young recruit

Jeep: A raw recruit

JEEP: New troop fresh out of basic training

Jeep: Air Force for new guy out of school first assigment

Jeep: U.S.Air Force newbee

JEEP: Just Enough Education to Pass

Jeep: a low ranking enlisted person/new to the military

Jeep: A new arrival from basic training (USAF) to 1st PCS

jeep: rookie air force security specialist.

jeep: new, low ranking troop in outfit


Jeep or Beep-Beep: Brand-New Airman fresh from basic training with no hair

Jelly Fish: Superior Without A Backbone.

JEP: Junior enlisted personnel (pronounced JEEP)

Jeppy: New Airman in the Air Force!

Jerry Can: 5 gallon container for transporting gas, diesel or water

Jerry-Built: Any device, machine, or structure put together haphazardly from junk or spare parts

jesus nut: large retainer nut that holds the main roatorblades on the roator mast of a uh1 huey.

Jet Jockey: Any fighter pilot

Jettison: To throw something into the water.

Jewish Navy: US Coast Guard during WW2

JFK's: Exercise normally performed at morning quarters by Navy personnel initiated by President Kennedy.

Jibbed up: uptight or riled up.

Jodie: the guy back home

Jodie: That worthless, no good, bast*rd that was home with your gal, while you were away on duty.

Jody: Singing Cadence to Airborne personnel

Jody: That guy back home that's sleeping with your girlfriend while you're in basic/ AIT/ OSUT

Joe Sh** the Rag Man: A Soldier that doesn't conform to military standards [ie: Doesn't polish his boots or press his uniform etc.]

Joe sh** the rag man: (Army) a soldier who uniform is all nasty and dirty BDU's

Joe shit the rag man : A unclean soldier

Joe Shit the Rag Man: Person of unknow identity in the Navy, as in, I don't know you from Joe Shit The Rag Man.

Joe Sh_t the rag man: Screwed up Marine in Boot camp

Joe Tucker: Every Mother F****r

Joe Willies: Exercise used for punishment during physical training

John Wayne : Marine slang, c/rat can opener,army p38?

John Wayne: P38 can opener in C-Rations

John Wayne: Small can opener for c-rat cans

John Wayne: Risky or reckless act

John Wayne: Can Opener (same as P-38)

john wayne: c-rat opener

John Wayne: Can opener for opening c-rations (P-38)


John Wayne: small can opener for c-rations

John Wayne: P-38 can opener

John Wayne: Same as P-38, can opener

John Wayne: P-38 government issue compact can opener

john wayne: can opener

John Wayne - Used by Marines: C-ration can opener

John Wayne Bar: Round disk shaped chocolate foil wrapped non-melting candy in C-Rats.

John Wayne Bar: Chocolate Toffee candy in C-Rations

John Wayne Bars: C-Rations chocolate cookie

John Wayne Paper: Toilet Paper: "Rough and Tough and don't take sh#@ off nobody!"

John Wayne Paper: Used to describe the toilet paper within an MRE, (Rough, Tough and wont take sh** off of nobody!)

Jughead: Unknown.

Juicer: A boozer

jump: move to different location

Jump Through Your Apex: Airborne term for a Panic Response

Jungle Bunny: o311 Marine infantry

Jungle Bunny: US Marine

Junior Jet Head: New air force trainee.

Junk on the bunk: full inspection

Junk on the bunk: Clothing and equipment inspection (USMC)

Jury Rig: To perform an unapproved repair on equipment, or to piece together equipment in order to make it work.

Jury Rig: To perform an unapproved repair on equipment, or to piece together equipment in order to make it work.

K P: Kitchen police - Term used for a junior enlisted assigned mess duty. An Army term.

K.I.L.L : Kaned ,Index, Leave, Liberty

K9: Military Police Dogs.

Ka-bar: 7-inch fighting and utility knife carried into battle by Marines since WWII.

Kabar: USMC fighting knife (made by Kabar & other companies).

Kaserne: German word used meaning barracks.

Keel Hulling: Getting a severe punishment

key to the mast crank: Booters sent to the bridge to ask the OOD for the key to the mast crank to lower the mast before it hits a bridge.

Keys to the DROP ZONE: Something a paratrooper sends a cherry trooper to get (no such thing).

Khaki Convention: Two or more chiefs/officers standing around shooting the breeze.

Khaki's: Term used in the Navy by E-6 and below to designate Chiefs and Officers.

khum beit: I don't know s--t

KIA: Killed in action

Killer Tweet/Killer Tweety Bird": Cessna two-seat AT-37 aircraft.

King Neptune: The senior Shellback onboard. The person with the earliest initiation date for crossing the equator.

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

Kit Carson: An ex- Viet Cong that is a scout for the U.S. troops

Kitchen Pass: Being allowed to go to the club on Friday night by spouse.

Kitchen Police KP Duty: Mess hall attendant.

Klaxxon drill: Air Force practice alert on SAC bases

klick: distance

klick: kilometer

Klick: kilometer

Klick: Distance.

Klick: Distance

KMA: Keep Me Advised, but any resourceful radio operator knew it meant, Kiss My Ass.

Kmag YoYo: Kiss my ass General Youre on your own

KMAG YOYO: Kiss My Ass George You're on your own (said by shortimers)

KMAG, YOYO: Kiss my ass guys, youre on your own!

KneeKnocker: Bottom of hatch frame on Navy ship

knuckle buster: a wrench

KP: to work at the kitchen

kraut: German citizen

Krauts: Derogatory name for German Army Personnel

kuuk: enemy

L.B.J.: Long Bin Jail - the name of the military jail near saigon.

L.P.C: Leather Personal Carrier (A.K.A your boots).

L.S.M.F.T.: long slow mf tanker (lucky strike means fine tobacco)

L.T Fuzz: 2nd Lieutenant

LABS: Low Altitude Bombing System

Ladder: A stairway on a ship

LADDER: the stairs used to accend or decend from one floor to another on a vessel

Ladder: Stairs

ladder well: stairs, used by Marines, Navy personnel

Lance Cooley: Marine Corps E-3, Lance Corporal


Land of the Big PX: USA

Land of the Round Door Knobs or Of the Big PX: Anyone stationed in Germany referring to the USA

Land of the Round Door-knobs: Good old USA (while in Europe/Middle East)

Land of the Round Eye: Refering to Girls Back in the States

lanyard: Thread hanging from your uniform

Lanyard Grease: What you send a new artillery recruit to get from supply

Lariot Advance: All Personnel Report for Readiness Alert

LATE SLEEPERS (NAVY SHIP): You are allowed to sleep ABOUT 1 hourt past Reville

LATRINE: toilet or restroom

Latrine: Bathroom

Latrine: Bathroom

Latrine: Bathroom.

Latrine: Bathroom.

Latrine: Head, Bathroom

Latrine: Air Force term for toilet

Latrine: Army Bathroom

Latrine: The toliets/bath facilities

latrine queen: Person in charge of shining up the latrine for inspections.

Launch the Alert Five: Get the ready fighter plane started and flying.

Lauten Boomer: Nuclear Weapons

Lazy 8: Approved eight. [8]. Pass From NAS. SEAT Base


Lead Sled: F-105 Thunderchief Fighter Bomber

Lead Sled: F-100 jet fighter airplane

Leaning Rest (to Airborne Personnel): Push up position

Leaning Shithouse: Used to describe unit insignia for COSCOM

Leather Personnel Carriers: Boots

Leatherneck: U.S.Marine

Leatherneck: Marine.

Left Handed Crescent Wrench: Something to send the new guy after from the toolroom.

Left or Right Handed Squegee Sharpener: Used to send boots on a wild goose chase for a fake tool.

left turning monkey wrench: motor pools way of greeting new arrivals if they fell for the gag.

Left-Handed Cresent Wrench: An imaginary tool "boots" are sent to fetch.

Leg: Non-airborne troop

Leg: Any person who doesnt have Paratrooper wings

Leg: Not an Airborne Paratrooper.

Leg: Non-Airbourne

Leg: Any non-airborne qualified infantry soldier

Leg: Soldier that is not Airborne qualified

Leg: Anyone that is not a paratrooper.

Leg: Non-infantry Army soldier

Leon: The Sun

Let's Book: Get going or leaving /making time -to our destination

lia dhe: come here

Liberty Call: Getting off the ship in port.

Libs: Short for "Liberty", which is the time available to enlisted service members for personal use (i.e. deployment prep, sleep/R&R, recreation, etc.

License plate: Tag left from the cleaners

Lickin Chicken Ho Chi Minh: Loud and Clear

Lickin Chickin: Loud and Clear

lifer: a person who been in a long time

Lifer: Usually means your in the service until you can retire

Lifer: Lazy Inefficient Fkr Evading Reality

LIFER: Lazy, Inefficient F*** up, Expecting Retirement.

Lifer: Person staying in the military to retire.

Lifer: Any serviceman eligible for retirement benefits or has re-enlisted with the intention of staying in long enough to become eligible for retirement benefits.

LIFER: lazy incompetent Fuc*er expecting a retirement

Lifer: Career military

Lifer: Anyone who has re-enlisted in the Military

Lifer belt: An elastic belt used for fatigues or dress pants by lifer military personal.

Lifer Juice: coffee

Lifer-juice: Coffee

Light Bulb Repair Kit: Newbies sent in search of

Light Colonel: Lieutenant Colonel

Light Colonel: Lieutenant Colonel

Light Commander: Lieutenant Commander

Lightbulb Fix-A-Kit: used to remove plastic grids on light fixtures

Lima Charlie: I can hear you loud and clear

lima lima : liquid lunch (getting drunk during lunch)

Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot: Lost Like a Mother F@#$%r. term used when you have no freaking clue where you are supposed to be at a given time. youre confused

Limp D&%K: Weak Worker/Lame Brain

Line: Rope

Line dog: Term for 16Ps, chap Crewmembers.

line doggie: Army 11B direct fire infantry

link trainers: hotdogs in the mess hall

Liquid Sunshine - season: Rain - Monsoons

Little Friend: USAF fighter escort for heavy bomber over Europe.

Little People : radio code for ARVNs

LOACH: Light Observation And Command Helo

Load Toad: USAF Bomb Loader

Load Toad: USAF Weapons personnel who load bombs onto the aircraft

Lob-cock and lolly-gaggin: goofing off or being lazy not doing what you were ordered

lobo: platoon

Loch: 4 Man Low Observation Helicopter

Lock It Up: Shut up and listen.

Locker Louis: Person who would close themselves in their wall-lockers on Sunday to get out of work. (Usually sleeping)

LOHICA: Look Out Here It Comes Again!

Lolly gag: loafing around, doing nothing or the situation goofy, SNAFU

Lolly Gag: To not pay attention or be slow in performing.

Long Eye, Shooter, Scoper: Sniper

Long tabber: Someone who has earned the "Special Forces" tab, which is longer than airborne or ranger tabs


LOP: Local Operating Procedures

Low Speed, High Drag: A Soldier who is FUBAR in his duties

lower than whale shit: lowest of the low

LPC: Leather Personel Carriers. Another name for boots.

LRRP: LRRP - Long Range Recon Patrol.


LT: Lieutenant

Lucky Bag: Master of Arms collecting loose items - Coast Guard.

Lucky Lady: U-2 Aircraft

LURP: Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols

Lurp: LRRP...Long Range Reconisance Patrol

LURP or LRRPS: long range reconnaissance patrol

Lurps: Long Range Recon Patrol

LUVIN IT: Looking for a way to go home.


LZ Haircut: Infantry Officer Candidate haircut, hi and tight and bald down the middle


M triple C: Missle Complex Crew Commander. (SAC commander of an ICBM missle silo crew)

M-1 Thumb: Banged up thumb due to improper loading of the M-l rifle clip.

M-80 large: Nuke tipped ICBM

M.O.S. : US Army Job listing ie: 45J2F Door Gunner

M.R.E: Morale reduction element.

M.R.E.: Meals Refusing to Excrete

M.R.E.: Meal Ready to Eat

M1 : getting your thumb caught in the breech

M1 Thumb: Bruised thumb from using this rifle

M3P: vehicle mounted .50 cal machine gun capable of firing up to 1100 rounds per minute.

Ma Deuce: Twin 50 cal machine gun

Ma Duce: 50 caliber machinegun

MAAG: USAF Air Aid Group helping RVN-VNAF, 1958-64

mac: person whose name you don't know

MAC - Many Authorities Confused: MAC - Military Airlift Command

MAC V: Base.


Mad Minute: Random firing of all perimeter defensive weapons to discourage infiltration

Mae West: when half of your parachute is twisted inside out

Mae West (to Airborne Personnel): An inverted parachute

maggie drawers: missed target completely

Maggie's Drawers: Missing entire target at firing range.

Maggies drawers: A missed shot on the firing line signified by the waving of a reg flag across the target.

maggies drawers: missing the whole target at the rifle range.

Maggies drawers.: Term used when on the rifle range and you completely missed the target.


Maggot: Lifer USAF


Maggot: non-conforming, non-productive, stupid, lowest thing on the earth

Maggot Company: any Navy boot camp company other than Blue Jacket Choir/Drum & Bugle Corps or 50 Flags

Maggot Wagon: Food Catering Truck or Van

Maggot Wagon: Snack Truck

Maggot Wagon: Roach Coach

Maggots: Lowly term for Marine Bootcamp recruits

Magic Hot Rock: Reactor Core on Nuclear Vessels

Magies Drawers: Red flag if a miss on firing range.

Magnetic North: What boots had to get from supply for the field training for their compass.

Mail Bouy Watch: A fictitous Watch Boot enlisted and officers are sent on to look for the Mail Bouy in the Navy

Mail Bouy Watch: A Fresh out of Boot Camp Sailor is placed on this while on Ship, to see how smart he is, or to break him in to ship's crew

Mail Bouy Watch, Bucket of Steam, Motor Whale Boat: Jokes played on new sailors coming out of boot camp to a ship.

Mail buoy: A non-existant entity that new recruits on board ship were told to go out and watch for

Mail Buoy Watch: Something for a new recruit to do onboard ship, such as "Keep an eye out for the mail buoy."

maintenance gnomes: those responsible for doing or undoing maintenance when there is no logical explanation

Major Gig: Something that made an inspection fail

make a hole!: open a way through a crowd

Make a hole, Regular Navy!: Step or move aside, I'm coming through.

make the chicken cry: carefully spend money

Make your buddy smile: when standing in line and told to close the interval

Malasian Fly trap: a trap made by VC out of trees that literally swatted you like a fly

Mama San: Korean Madaam

mama son, papa son: woman man

Mama-San: Boss lady of a Japanese den of iniquity a.k.a. whorehouse

mamason: papasons wife

mamma-san: cleaning lady -(VIET- NAM)

Man with the fuzzy balls: Unit Commander

Mandatory Fun: When a unit/base requires you to be at an event even if you have the day off and makes you stand in formation for accountability: for example = company picnic.

Maneuvers: A field exercise simulating battlefield conditions.

Many Airmen traped in Sh**: MATS Military Air Transport System

Marching Party: A punishment, usually at night after taps, for a recruit who screwed up bad during the day.

MARINE: My Ass Ridin' In Navy Equipment

Marine Bib: 13 button frontal flap on a sailor's pants


Mass ass chewing: Scolding the whole group in formation

Mass Confusion: Chinese fire drill.

Master Blaster: Master Parachutist

Master Blaster: Airborne NCO Jump Master

master blaster: jumpmaster

Master Guns: Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant


MATS: Military Air Transport Service

Mattel knife: Our short bayonet---useless

Mattel Toy: M16

Maulen!!: Go Very Fast!! in Marsailles French & Vietnamese

MCP0C: In the Navy, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command, pronounced Micpock.

MCPON: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. pronounced Mickpon.


MDI: Mess Deck Intelligence

MDI: Mess Deck Intelligence.

MDS: Material Data Sheet

meat and worms: C-Rations form of spaghetti and beaf

Meat Grinder: The parade grounds for marching and ceremonies.

Meat Wagon: Military Ambulance

Meathead: Slow thick-headed or slow to catch on

Member of the canoe club/Ring kocker: Graduate of Annapolis

Mess Crank: Enlisted person (not a cook) who has kitchen duty

Mess deck: eatting area-Navy

Mess Deck Intelligence: Rumors that circulate between the crew,.

Mess Deck Intelligence: Rumors that are passed around on the Mess Deck of a Ship or in the Dinning Hall.

mess hall: Place to Eat Meals

Mess Hall or Chow Hall: The place to go on base to eat breakfast, lunch &/or dinner

Mess Kit: An aluminum vessel with a lid containing aluminum knife, fork, spoon, for eating field rations (meals) from. It fits into olive drab pouch.

Mess Sergeant : NCO in charge of mess hall operations.

MESS TENT: Chow hall, Dining Tent

Metric Crescent Hammer: Another Ficticious tool for Nubs to look for....

Metric Crescent Wrench: Imaginary tool for newbees to find.

MFIC: Mother F*&%er IN Charge

MFIC: $&#%*?!@/\*? in Charge

MI-AN-HAJJE: GI Slang for Korean Mi-an-ham-ni-da (I am sorry, or Sorry about that)

MIA: Missing in action.

Mickey Mouse boots: Insulated large cold weather boots, white

Mickey mouse.: Any thing that was no good.

mid rats: midnight rations for watch crew

Mid Rats: Midnight meal while underway at sea.

mid rats: midnight rations given during watch

Mid-Rats: Sandwichs&snacks served before the 00:00 - 04:00 watch

Midnight Requisition : To steal something

Midnight Requisition: Stealing equipment from others in any service.

Midnight Requisition: Going into another company's area to get brooms and mops to clean your own barracks after someone has swiped yours.

MidRats: Meal provided to those on Mid(night) Watch

Midrats: Food served at midnight watch change over

MIJI report: Meconning, Intrusion, Jamming or Interference report in communications.

MIND YOUR BUBBLE: submarine for calm down, or watch what youre doing!


Missile with a man in it: F-104 Starfighter

MMFIC: Main Mother F@@@$%^ In Charge

Mo rik tik: soon/shortly

Moa Lin: Hurry Up

Mohawk: Fast US Navy Propeller-Driven tri-tail counterinsurgency aircraft--fire support use--Adapted by USAF in Vietnam.

Mom: Mess Hall

monkey blood: ketchup

Monkey Patrol: Slang for the Military Police "MP"

Monkey Shit: A sticky substance used in the Navy to stop up holes or make something watertight.

Moonbeam: Flashlight

Moonie: Short Takeoff & Landing Aircraft made in Texas, used by CIA in missions to Laos & other tricky places.

Moose: Girlfriend

Moose Manual: Montgomery Ward Catalog

mop gear: term used for chemical warfare clothing

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

Mosquito Wing: E-2 USAF

Mosquito Wings: One stripe (at the time, a PFC/Private First Class)

most ricki tic: very fast

Most riki-tic: Very quickly

Mother-in-law: Sewing kit (used in the Marine Corps/Navy)

Motor Pool: Parking lot on Army post for military vehicles.



MOUSEHOUSE: Area in Basic Training barracks where cleaning and other supplies are kept.

Mox Nix: Don't matter

Mox Nix: German for "means nothing" or of little importance in GI.

Mox Nix: German for --it doesn't matter, its ok,,etc,,,,

Mox Nix take six and fly home: Re Up (Reenlist) and sent to duty in the US

MoxNix: GI way of saying Macht Nicht (matters not)

MP: Military Police.

MP: Multi Purpose

MP: " Multiple Purpose " for Military Police

MP (Military Police): Multi-Purpose.

MP - My Post: What MPs used to say that MP stood for

mpc: military payment certificate.script

MPC: Military Payment Certificate

MPC: Military payment certificate

MRE: Meals Rejected by Ethopians

MRE Speed Ball: Mixture of Water, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Chicklett.

Mud Marine: Ground Marine

Mud Puppy: Army military police person (MP).

Muddy Water: Cup of coffee

Muffler Bearing: Imaginary part for newbees to find.

Muffler Bearing: Imaginary part new mechanics were sent to get from the parts room

Muffler bearings: a boot to the Motor Pool is told to look for

Muffler Cooled water bearing: motor pool sending the new gye out for a fake part

MUFIN: Most Useless F&$kers In the Navy

mufti: civlian cothing

Mule Tool: Cold cuts in the Navy.

Mullet: new-bee in the Army, that dont know squat

Mustang: Marine officer who had been a enlisted man

mustang: field promotion

Mustang: Naval officer who came up through the ranks

Mustang: NCO who has accepted a commission

Muzzle Blast: Things "gun bunnies" sent newbees to find in the motor pool.

muzzle fu#&*r : gunners mate

N.F.G.: No Fuc#%&# Good or Non Functional Gear

N.F.G. ( None Functional Gear ): No F'ing Good

NAP: Non Airborne Personnel


national gedunk metal: national defense service metal

NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself

NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself

NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Navy Friday: Thursday

Navy Shower: Two minute wash and rinse.

Navy Shower: A shower taken onboard ship to conserve water: Turn on quickly and wet down, turn off and soap down, turn on just long enough to rinse.

NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer

NCO Club: Non Commissioned Officers Club.

NCOIC: Non-Commishioned Officer in Charge

NCOIC: Non Commissioned Officer in Charge


neppy: Neptunes Rex

Networking: TO steal but if anyone asks you are not stealing just acquiring basically a five finger discount

New-bee: new join to a unit

newbee: A new soldier in a unit.

Newbees: Fresh from boot.

Newbie: Brand new to an overseas unit

newbies: new guys

Newby: New boy, new to a unit or fresh from Replacement Depot (ETO)

NFG: none functional gear , "No F'n Good"

NGFS: Naval Gunfire & Support.


No load: An empty catapult use on a carrier, or someone with no common sense or intelligence

No-Go: 1) To fail a task 2) Non-deployable personnel 3) Derrogatory term for National Guard

NODS: Night Vision

NOIBN: Not Otherwide Identified by Name

nomaclature: description of an item

non com: any sargeant

Non Hacker: Any person not up to the task at hand, be it work or fun.


Non-qual or non-qual puke: Non-submarine qualified crew member

Noncom: Non-commisioned officer

Nose Picker: Annapolis grad who keeps rubbing his nose so he can show off his ring.

Not Busting Grapes: Avoiding working


November Juliet: coffee

NUB: Non-Useful Body.

NUB: NONE USEABLE BODY(unqualified submariner)

NUB: Non Useful Body

NUG: New guy in-country

NUG: New Useless Guy

numb nuts: stupid

Numba (Number) One: Very Good

Numbah One: In Korea: Someone or Somethingof High Esteem or Value.

Numbah Ten: In Korea: Someone or Something of Little or no Esteem or Value

Number 1 GI: Generous with locals

Number 10: Bad

Number 10 Damn Thousand: Worsest of worser.

Number 10 GI: Bad Soldier

Number One or Number Ten: Very good or very bad.

Number Ten: Something that was pretty bad or smelled bad.

Nut to butt: Tighten up the ranks.

Nut to Butt: Very close formation.

nut to butt: keep line tight and moving

Nuts to Butts : Standing as close as possible while in formation. Mainly used in Bootcamp.

Nuts to butts: boot camp stand as close as possible to the soldier in front of you

Nutt Cracker: Suspended Harness in Jump School


O dark thirty takeoff: Early morning takeoff (before the sun is up)

O GOD THIRTY: very early in the morning

O.K: 0 kills in action

OD: Officer of the Day - in charge.

ODs: Oliver Drabs (Army Dress Uniform).

office hours: punishment given by the Captain in lieu of Court marshall for minor offenses

Office poge: Air Force - clerk

Office Poug: S1/S2/S3 Marine that has no idea what it is to be a grunt.

Officer Material: A useless person

Officers Traning Manual: Stars & Strips Comic pages

Oh Stupid Thirty: Like "zero dark thirty" I.E. Very early in the morning. Used as: "Man, my guard duty starts at Oh stupid thirty in the morning."

Oh-Dark-thirty: Impossibly early wake up in the morning

OHG: Operator Head Gap

Ohms: A new recruit was sent to the tool room for a can of these

OIC: Officer in Charge

Old Blood & Guts: Nickname for General George S. Patton, Jr.

old man: device for loading a torpedo

old man: company comander

Old Man: Commanding Officer

Old Salt: Old school Navy personnel or lifer.

Old Salt: Marine expression for one who has a lot of active duty like 10 years or more

omgwtfbbq: oh my god what the f**k barbeque

On The Bag: A production recruiter; looking for the next applicant

On the economy: Shopping in the local stores in a foreign country, rather than on the base.

On your six: On your rear-end


One Wire: Avaition Electrician - Navy

OO-Rah!: The Marine cheer

OoohRah: Marine Corps Cry

OP Order: operation order--first thing out the window when a shot is fired

Open bottom troops: WAVE division at boot camp Bainbridge,Md.in the 50s

Open bottom troops: WAVE division at boot camp Bainbridge,Md.in the 50's

Operation Golden Flow: The donation of urine samples for drug screening in all services.

Operation Golden Flow: Army drug-detecting urinalysis testing

Operator Head Space: Refers to the empty space between your ears.

Ordies: Term given to Navy Aviation Ordinance Handlers AOs

ORF : Old Retired F--ker or Old Retired Fart

Oscar Fox Sierra: Out-Fing-Standing!

Oscar Mike: Leaving current location

ouda loop: observe, understand, decide act

Out in the Boondocks: Out in the field on bivouacs

Outstanding!: often used sarcastically

over head: ceiling on a ship

OVERHEAD: the ceiling of a room or compartment of a naval vessel

overhead: ceiling

Overhead: Ceiling

Overhead Buffer: Newbies usually sent to ships Supply Officer for this

Oxymoron: Military Intelligence


p-38: can opener

P-38: Small can opener for C-Rations

P-51 can opener/aircraft: Besides a WWII fighter plane there is also a big brother to the P-38 can opener.

P.C.S.: Permanent Change of duty Station

P.F.C.: Private f*****g civilian

P.O.V.: Privately owned vehicle

P.O.V.: Privately Owned Vehicle

P.R.I.D.E.: USAF term, Military Airlift Command--"Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort."

P.T.: Physical training

P38: can opener

P38: army can opener


PAC Rat: Admin clerk of S-1 ARMY

Pace Maker: The one who calls cadence

PACIFIC BUG JUICE: Illegal alcohol made from green coconuts-Drill a hole in them, stuff hole with cloth, bury for 6 days, and drink slowly.

Padi puller: Non existant tool for booters

Panther Piss: PowderedLemonade mixed in G.I.can

Paper Pusher: Navy personnel in the administrative ratings.

parameter grease: fictional object new artillerymen are sent to find on a firing point

Part Time Pier Queer: Anyone belonging to the Marines. Used by Army people.

pass the sand: sugar dispenser


Pea Shooter: Bazooka.

Pearl Diver: A person doing dish.


Pecker checker: Navy corpsman ( medic )

Pecker Checker: Medic

Pecker checker: Navy corpman

Pecker Checker: Air Force Medic

Pecker Checker: Doc on ship

Pecker checker: navy corpsman

Pecker Checker: US Navy Corpman

Pecker Checker: An affectionate term for the Naval Hospital Corpsman that rams a wire loop into your private part to retrieve a sample for the presumptive diagnosis of Clap.

pecker checker: navy corpsman

Pedro: Vietnam nickname for USAF Kaman HH-43 "Huskie" helicopter.

Pee Gee: Perimeter guard (SAC)

Peejay: Sar Jumper or Rescueman

pencil pusher: office personel

pencil pusher: admin clerk

Penis Machinest: Navy Corpsman.

Penquins: Used to describe Navy personnel in the white top and black trouser uniform.

Peon: Any person of lower rate or rank in any service, someone who does make decisions.

Peon: Private

People Tank: The inside hull of a submarine. A bad place to have unrestircted water.

PERSUPPDET: personnel support detachment (Navy)

Peter P: An Army helicopter Co-Pilot-Viet Nam

PFC: poor fucking civilian

PFM: Pure F=+*^#G Magic

PFM : Pure F**** Magic, the way you fix something that was boken and now seems to work.

PFT: Physical Fitness Training

Phantom Bites: The scrapes on your back from the F-4.

Photo-Phantom: USAF/MC McDonnell Douglas RF-4C/RF-4B photo recon aircraft.

Phougas - : 55-gal drum filled with napalm and C4 used as perimeter weapon also Fougasse

Pick and Shovel: Combat Engineer

Picket Fence: Radio terminology for the woods or forest if you were by the woods, you'd tell them to look for you over by the "picket fence"

Pickle: Air Force basic trainee who hasnt gotten his nametag yet

Pickle suit: Old style OD fatigued

pickle suit: that green stuff you wore all the time when they were still called fatigues

Pickle Suit: Army Fatiques

Piece: Rifle.

Pier Queer: Anyone belonging to the Navy. Used by Army people.

PIG: Pride Integrety Guts

PIG: 60 Caliber machine gun

Pig Alley: The Rue Pigalle in Paris, France--Full of houses of prostitution

Pig Boat: Untidy ship.

Pig Handler: M-60 Machine Gunner

PIING!: Put It In, New Guy (razzing a Newk)

Pilot Popper: Aircraft mechanics responsible for proper ejection seat maintenance and operation.

pilotpopper: ejection seat mechanic

Pin in Shirt Collar: 21 days before being dicharged.

pine apple: a recruite from Hawai

Pineapple: Serrated Hand Grenade

Pineapple: People of Phillipino decent.

Pineapple : Slang for hand grenade.

Ping: Freshly shaved headed recruit.... new hairs "pinging" out

PING: Raw recruit. His hair is so short that it pings when he rolls over in his sleep.

Ping Jockey: Navy Sonarman

Ping Jockey: Navy Sonarman


pinger: person in need of graduation (tech school)

Pinger: Male in AF basic training that his hair is just starting to grow back in. Therefore it pings as it grows.

PINGERS: Air Force Term for new Airmen; Acronym for Personnel In Need of Graduation, Education, Relaxation, and more...

Piss Cutter: Garrison cap worn by Navy Chiefs and Officers in Khaki uniform.

Piss Pot: Standard United States Army Helmet

Piss tube: A tube burried in the ground surrounded by a canvas used as a latrine facility.

Piss Up a Rope: Do the impossible

Pit Rats: Nike Herk Crew members 16Bs.

Pit Rats: Nike Herk Crew men 16Ps

pita: pain in the ass

plank owner: first crewmembers of a newly commissioned vessel

PLF: Airborne term Proper Landing Fall

plug the plug: slang for dive the boat(submarine)

Poagy Bait: Candy Bars- Choc. Bars etc/

pocket rocket: RPG

Pocket Rocket: USAF Missile Launch Officer badge

Pockets: Code Name for General Dwight D. Eisenhower

POD: Plan of the day

POG: Persons Other Then Grunts

POG: People Other than Grunts

POG: Personnel Other than Grunt - Anyone who isn't the Infantry. ex: Admin, Cooks, Comm

POG: People Other Than Grunts

POG: People Other than Grunts

Poget Bait: Candy.

pogey bait: snacks

pogey bait: candy

Pogey Bait: Any junk food snuck in your ruck while on deployment

pogey bait: candy/sweets

pogey bait: all the snacks and goodies you could fit into your ruck during field rotations

pogey bait: candy [navy talk]

pogey bait 6th: candy

Poggi Bait: Junk Food

Poggie Bait: Candy-Junk food that you buy at a geedunk

Poggy Bait: Junk food, chip, candy and etc

POGS: Profession Other than a Grunt.

Pogue: Anyone whose MOS kept them in the "rear"

Pogue: Another version of REMF

Poguey Bait: Popcorn.Potatoe Chips etc

Pogy bait: USMC, a term to use for candy.

pogy bait: candy junk food

Pogy Bait: Candy.


Pointed cap worn by the Air Force, Army, & Marines: We in the Air Force called it a c..t cap

Pointy End: The bow section of a ship.

Pointy Head: USAF Avionics Systems Specialist

POL: Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants, USAF refuelers

POL: Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants, USAF refuelers

POL: Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants (Fuels Specialists in the USAF).

Police Call: picking up cigarette butts and trash around area

Police Call: Cleaning an area of Cig. Butts, And trash IE; Parking Lot

police the area: assignment to pick up papers and cigarette buts

Police the grounds: pick up all garbage

policing the area: picking up cigarrette butts and other trash

Polly Wog: Personnel who had not crossed the equator and been properly initiated in the world of Shellbacks.

poop tube: M79 grenade launcher

Pop a cap: Fire off a round or two with your weapon

POP ONE: Throw a grenade or shot M49 grenade

Pop Smoke: To get the hell out of Dodge

Pop Smoke: Leave in a hurry undetected.

poping smoke: leaving the area

Porgy bait: candy

PortHole: Window

Possible: Bullseye or a perfect score at a particular distance

Pot: Helmet

Pot Walloper: Dish washer.

POW: Prisoner of War.

Pric-25: Army portable radio.

Pric-E7: Something to send a boot after usually to the comm shop.

Prick: AN/PRC-77 backpack radio.

prick (PRC) 77: field radio

Prick 24: PRC 24 Port. Radio

Privy: Restroom

profile: the one who can never do anything because he has a doctors note

Prop Head: Air Force personnel.

prop top: Air Force member

Prop Wash: What wed send the new guys for when washing a plane. Actually is the back blast from props or jet engines.

Prop wash: Turbulent air off rotor blades and an imaginary cleaning agent boots are sent to fetch.

prop wash: fast moving air behind propeler

Prop Wash: A joke term given to new airman to go find a bucket of for a jet engine. There is no such thing.

Prop Wash: Recruits new to the squadron were told to find a bucket of prop wash. No such thing!

Prop Wash: Thrust of air coming from propeller. We used to send the new guys on the flightline to get a 5 gallon bucket of prop wash.

Prop Wash: Wind generated by a propeller - Get me a bucket of . . . by new Navy airmen on flightline.

Prop Wash: Propeller cleanser Boot sent out to get

Prop Wash: Newbee's to the Navy flight line are sent for a bucket of this

Protect Family Jewels: Used to remind one about chute harnes in crotch area.

provide air cover: air support

PT: Physical Training push-ups, sit-ups, 2 mile run

Pud Knocker: Any soldier that can't keep his Sh*t together

PUDDLE PIRATE: U.S Coast Guard member. Havent seen them picked on yet!

Puddle Jumpers: Slang for small aircraft.

Puddle Pirate: Coast Guardsman

Puff or Puff the Magic Draggon: C-47 gun ship

Puff the magic dragon: the Douglas AC-47 Spooky gunship, an American military plane used during the Vietnam War

Puff The Magic Dragon: *AKA Spooky* A wicked a** gun ship which can either be your friend and a VC and NVA worst enemy.

Puff, Dragon Ship, Nightstalker: Various Fixed Wing Gunships


PUKE: Term of endearment for commrades of other branches of service or MOS's

Pukin Buzzard: 101st Airborne shoulder patch

Pull Chocks: Let's get out of here (Or, the actual meaning of pulling chocks to let a plane or piece of equipment be moved. Chocks are placed on each side of a wheel to keep it from moving.)

pull pitch: take off in helicopter by increasing pitch in rotorblade

pulling chocks: getting ready to leave

Pungi stakes: Booby trap of sharpened lengths of bamboo, smeared with human excrement

Purple haze: purple smoke grenade

Purple Jesus: Very large vat of fermented vodka, grape juice and assorted fresh fruit

Purple-Suiter: Someone assigned to a Joint Staff made up or Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Personnel

Pushing the stick: being the last paratrooper out the door and not wanting miss the drop zone

Puss Nuts: An incapable person. A jerk

put a lid on it: hush

Put a wrench on that.: Aviation term fix the current problem or situation

put your hands behind your back and give it a good: pull your head out of your ass

Puzzle Palace: Any headquarters battalion or higher.

PX: Post Exchange

PX: Post Exchange.

PYHOOYA: Pull your head out of your ass

QRK: Pronounced Querking followed by a number - used in Comm such as signal QRKing 5by (best signal).

QSY: Change frequency

Quack shack: Sickbay on the ship

R and R: Rest and relaxation

R H I P: Rank has it's privileges

R O A D: Retired On Active Duty

R.O.A.D : Retired On Active Duty

R.P.M. GREASE: Sent new Motor T. guys looking for 5 gallon bucket of RPM GREASE (USMC)

r.t.o.: radio telephone poretor

rack: military bed, or bunk/berth

RACK: a supended aluminam & wire spring used to support a mattress where an enlisted sailor sleeps

Rack: Your Bunk or bed

Rack: Your bed

Rack or Bunk: Bed

Rad: Short for comrade- derrogatory term for Germans if you were stationed in Germany during Cold War era.

RagBag: Sloppy looking troop.

Rail Apes: Chap Crew members 16Ps.

Rail Apes: Chapparila Crewmembers 16Ps

Rail Road Tracks: Captain

Rail Road Tracks: The insignia for O-3's in any service. Captain in Army, Marine Corp, or Air Force. Lieutenant in the Navy.

Rail Road Tracks or Tracks: Captain's Rank in the Army, Marine Corp & Air Force

Railroad Tracks: Captain

Railroad Tracks: A Lieutenant in the US Navy, or Captain in the Marines or Army.

Railroad Tracks: More than one set of creases on a pair of pants.

Rain Bird: Nurse who has graduated from Walter Reed.

rain locker: the shower

Rain Locker: Showers

Rain locker: shower


Rainbow: New Air Force recruit not yet in uniform

Rainbow: new recruit in basic training

Rainbow: Air Force Basic trainees that have yet to receive military uniforms (still in civilian clothes).

Rainbow: A newbie in basic before they get their uniforms; still in civies

Rainbow: New Air Force recruit, prior to uniform issue

Rainbow Flight: Newbees at boot that haven't gotten uniforms yet.

Rainbow gear: Civilian clothing used for PT in the Marines.

Rainbows: New recruits in basic training

Raisen Head: new boot camp person "USS NAVY"

Ralphing: Throwing up the contents of one's stomach.

Ralphing or Shotgunning: One member of US Forces taking a big swig of Marijuana smoke from a "roach" and blowing it down the barrel of an M-16 Rifle directly into the lungs of another US Armed Forces member.

Ramp rat: Air Force Bomber fleet security. guard

Ramp Rat: Aircraft Security Guard

Ramp tramp: Air Force flightline security guard.

rat in the nest: there is a spy in the squad, platoon, ect.

Rat-f***ed chow: C-Rations with all the good cans taken, leaving only the bad ones

Rate: This in not you job in the Navy, it is your enlisted paygrade.

Rate: What job you have in Navy

Rating: The specific job classification of Navy enlisted personnel.

Raunchy: Something that is nasty or dirty.

Raunchy: Really bad condition of uniform. ie: a piece of lint on collar




RBF: Recon By Fire.

re-con: recreation

Re-supply: Re supply

Re-Up: To re-enlist.

RE-UP: RE-Enlist

Re-up: Re-enlist

Re-Up Medal: Good Conduct Medal. More often than not, no one recieved one of these unless they re-enlisted.

Read Ya Lima-Charlie: Hear you loud and clear

Realm of the Artic Circle: A certificate for which all sailors receive when crossing the Artic Circle.

Recki: Check out a situation


Rectal Occulitis: A shitty outlook on life.

Red Ass: Very irrated or someone who is very irrated.

Red Ball: Used in AF to alert ground crew of aircraft malfunction during crew pre-flight

Red Current Jam: Commies Jamming Radio Frequencies

Red Eye or Red Lead.: Ketchup.

Red heat: SAC ICBM site out of service for repairs or rearming


Red Leg: artillerymen (from the red stripes on the artillery soldiers during the Civil War)

Red Tagger: Recruits that wear red dog tags due to either fake or real medical reasons that required them to march in the back of the formations.

Red Tail: In Korea: The Norhwest Orient Contract Rotation Aircraft

Red Wrench: Cutting torch

Redhat: USAF Combat Arms Training and Maintenance troops

Rekki Puke: RF-4 Recon Pilot

relative bearing grease: navy play on words 'tween target bearing relative to own ship and grease for bearing. send newbie on search

relative bearing grease: something to find for a newbee in the navy

Relative Bearing Grease: A Joke to send a boot for who works either on the Bridge or Combat Info center on Navy ships

Remf: Rear echelon m***** f*****

REMF: Rear Echelon Mother F*%$@ er

REMF: Rear echelon Mother F-----

REMF: Safe area head-quarters soldier

REMF: Rear Echelon Mother F****r

REMF-: Rear echleon mother F***er

Remington Raider: Clerk Typist

remington raider: worker in operations

Remington Raider: Desk Clerk

Remington Raider: Clerk-Typist.

Remington Raider: What we called Office Pogues or Non-Combatants

replacement: newbie

Repo depot: The place army recruits go to fill other units replacement depot.

Requisition: To steal, USAF Air Cargo Term

Retread: Army Warrant accepting a commision

Retread: Marine who gets out and then reups.

Retreat Formation: Last Army "formation" of the day, in ranks, for posting of the colors.

Reveille: Army's first (and only) wake-up call in the morning.

RFN: Right F----ing Now

RFPF, also ruff puffs: Vietnamese regional defense forces

Rice-steamer: Steel helmet

Rickie (NAVY): new recruit


Ricky Boxing: When a recruit no longer keeps his hands to himself.

Rider - Navy: Anyone on a submarine that wasn't filling a function or qualified on a watch station

Rigger: Parachute packer

Ring Banger: West Point Grad.

Ring knocker: 2nd Lieutenant Straight out of West Point.

Ring nocker: Academy grad

Riser Grease: Helps in the deployment of parachutes. Cherry's need it.

roach coach: the snack truck that always showed up wherever you were, whether it was the M-16 range, the PT test site, or even during breaks between classes when you were in AIT

Roach Coach: Food Catering Truck or Van

roach coach/maggot wagon: A truck carrying sandwitches/Hot dogs ect

ROAD: Retired On Active Duty - usually when someone is thinking about getting out and not doing much work

ROAD: Retired On Active Duty

ROAD: Retired On Active Duty.

Road: Retired On Active Duty

Road Soldier: Retired on active duty (Road)

roadkill cafe: mess hall

Rock: Paris Island (as opposed to Hollywood)

Rock: A recruit that just cant figure it out... Dumb as a rock.

Rock: A stupid sailor.

Rock: Idiot, person of low or no intelligence. Also used as nickname for Okinawa by Marines

Rock: Someone not too bright

Rock in a box: 0311 term for a lazy Amtracker.

Rockets UP: Bring rocket squad up.

rocky: South Korean military person ROK Marine

Roger: acknowlegement

Roger: signing off

Roger Ram Jet: U.S. Air Force

Roger Tango: Right, Thanks (Person to Person Radio Communications)

Roger that!: I understand

ROGER WILCO: Understand, will comply.

Roger, Tango: Right, Thanks

Rogger that over: yes thats right

Rolling Zippos: US Sherman Tanks, from the way they exploded and burned out quickly if received a direct hit

RON: Remain over Night

RON: Rest overnight position

Ronnies Rocket Ranch: Grand Forks AFB SAC Missle Base, Cold War, Ronald Reagan

Roof: Flight Deck Of Carrier

Room Dawg: someone you shared a barracks room with and cleaned together.

Rootie Tootie !!: A Sunday out at sea consisting of no duty.

Rope Yarn Day (Navy): Half day off from duty.

Rope Yarn Sunday: Wednesday afternoon for rest from usual chores, much like Sunday

Rotor Head: Helicopter crew/maint personel-Army, Navy

Round brown: An ass hole

Round Steak: Balonga (Baloney to some)

Rouse step: Walking quickly


Route step.: Marine slang, extreme fast march, too cover a short distance fast but not a trot.

Routine Stamp : In Air Force Communications - its a non existent stamp used to process classified messages.

Royal Baby: Onboard ship, when crossing the equator, a person usually with a large belly, dressed as a baby with a greased gut, who all the Polly Wogs had to kiss his belly.

Royal Order of the Blue Nose: Navy personnel initiated when crossing the Arctic Circle

RPG: rocket propeled grenade launcher.

RPG: Army-issued eyeglasses, not exactly stylish.

RPS: Registered Publication System.

RTB: Return to base, go home

rubber lady: air mattress

RUMINT: insider term of HUMINT units describing the status of intel collected, from time of collection until hard confirmation established

RUMINT: Rumored intelligence

run up the FIFI FLAG: F---- it forget it

Runner: Escort

Running to Alabama: Infantry Officer Candidates at Ft Benning GA on a run over the Chattahoochee River Bridge

Running Your Suck: Mouthing Off

Ruptured duck: Lapel emblem indicating honorable discharge from service.

Ruptured Duck: Pin given to Vets after WWII to wear on uniforn untill you got home

S H I T: Super High Intensity Training for soldiers in Basic or Boot.

S O P: Standard Operating Procedure

S squared, D: squared: Same Shit, Different Day

S T Ones or ST1: Stones (used to send the new guys (newbees) to supply to pick up "S T Ones".)

S _ _ t in a Seabag: Stuffed Green Peppers

S%&#- On A Shingle: Chipped or ground beef in white gravy

S**T Burner: One who burns off the Human waste from a field latrine.

S**t disk: Popular name for the round C-rat candy bar. Thought to contain Exlax (and tasted the same) seemed to counteract the effect of C-rat cheese and crackers.

S**t Hotel: Very good

S**t Shirt: Navy plane captain wearing a brown felt deck jersey at sea.

S*O*S ( shit on a shingle ): cream chipped beef or mystery meat on toast

S-2 shop: Desk job

S.H.*.T.: Short Haul Island Transport, name given to the C-117 the Navy flew from Manila to Clark AB to Subic Bay, Philippines.


S.O.S: chipped beef on toast

S.O.S.: Ground Beef on toast not chipped beef

S.O.S.: Same Ole Sh**

S.O.S.: Sh** on a Shingle, aka Chipped beef gravy on toast

S.P.O.R.T.S.: Slap, pull, observe, release, tap, squeeze. Used as an acronym for troubleshooting an M-16.

s.s.d.d: Same sh*t different day.

S.T.R.A.C.: Stupid troopers running around in circles

S.T.R.A.K.: Troops not in the "bush"-starched fatigues

S2: Sh#t Squared

S@!$ Shaker: Helicopter.

sac prowler: dark shadowed figure seen especialy hiding in the shadows

saddle up: lets go

saddle up: get ready to move out

Sadsack: A less than gungho troop.

salt and peppers: Standard navy uniform. (white shirt, black pants)

Salt and Peppers: Navy uniform comprised of white shirts and black pants.

Salty: Been in Corp a long time.

Salty, Old Salt: A person who has been in the Navy awhile with experience.

SAM: Surface to air missle

Same same water buffalo: Everyting the same

Sand Bagger: One who is not doing his duties, when you know he can

Sand Crab: Civilian employee

Sand Crabs: Civilian workers on a Naval Base

Sand soup: What your MRE's taste like in Iraq

Sandy: USAF/USN Douglas A-6 "Skyraider prop fighter escort for helicopter airborne rescue missions.

SAR: Search and Rescue

SAR or 1st SAR: Short for Sergeant or First Sergeant


SCAP: Supreme Commander of Allied Powers

Scarf 'n' Barf : Another slang term for the Mess Hall

Scatback: USAF North American T-39 "Sabreliner" V.I.P./courier/liaison aircraft for local base-to-base flights.

Schocie Tiger: T-38/F-5 jet aircraft

Scivvies: Underwear

Scope Dope: Junior AC&W operator

Scope Dope: RADAR operator


Scope Dope: person who works in Combat Information Center on Navy Ships

Scope Dope: A RADAR operater that sits in front of a RADAR scope for hours.

Scope Dopes: Nike Herks Radar operators.

Scramble: Rapid response of crews to their aircraft in response to airborne threat. Also used in other situations where rapid movement may be required.

SCREAMING CHICKEN : 101st Airborne

Screaming Chickens: 101st Airborne

screwed the pooch: mess up real bad

Scribbling Iron: Ballpoint Pen

scrounge: basically borrow what was needed

scrounge: person with very poor hygien

Scrounge: to get what was needed, thus bypassing official sources

Scupper Nupper: Little fish that hung around the scupper where waste was pumped prior to collection holding tanks.

Scuttle Butt: Rumor in the Navy

Scuttle Butt: A Rumor that is going around

scuttle butt: Rumor

Scuttle Butt: Rumor started and spread around ship, also water fountain

Scuttle Butt: Rumors or the talk going around the ship.

Scuttle Butt: Water fountain in the Navy.

Scuttle butt: water fountain or rumor


SCUTTLEBUTT: A unsubstantiated rumor or the drinking fountain on a naval vessel

Scuttlebutt: Rumors about upcoming operations

Scuttlebutt on ship: Water cooler.


Sea Bat: Fictitious bat inside a box supposedly captured at sea.

Sea Bats: Ficticous Creatures Often newbies onboard ships are sent to capture

Sea Daddy: Chief Petty Officer

sea going bell hop: Marine attached to a ship

Sea going bellhop: Marine assigned sea duty.

Sea legs: what a sailor gets after riding on a surface ship ,that lets him walk verdical while the ship rolls from side to side

Sea legs: Sailors learn to walk vertical, while the ship pitches from side to side

SEABEE: combat engineer for the navy

Secret Squirel: Someone affiliated with Intelligence

Section 8 Discharge: Non-honorable army discharge for insanity (often feigned).

Section Eight: Crazy, looney tune

secure that mess: order given to clean-up or organize a disorderly area or activity

self propelled sand bags: a grunt or infantryman

Self propelled sandbag: 11B Infantry Soldier

SEMPER FI: Cheer of Marine Soldier signifying Semper Fidelis

Semper Gumby: Always Flexible

Sending new man after a sky hook: Not one.

SEPROS: separation from service when you return from overseas

SETAF - Southern European Task Force: Something Else The Army Forgot

sewer pipe sailors: submarine personnel

Sh#t hook: Chinouk Helicopter

Sh** Bird: A Soldier that doesn't conform to military standards [ie: Doesn't polish his boots or press his uniform etc.]

Sh** Bird: A Dysfunctional Enlisted Man

Sh** disc: The chocolate crunch candy that came in some c-rats

Sh** Storm: Incoming artillery or a B52 dump

Sh**bird: Navy/Marine who is all jacked up instead of being squared away.

Sh**can, file 13, deep six, round file: Different ways to say trash can

Sh**ter or Sh*t can: Toilet.

Sh*t Kicker: Western Movie.

Sh*t Kicker: Western Movie

Shadow/Specter: AC-119 Gunship/AC-130 Gunship

SHAKE & BAKE: Dropping HE bombs with Napalm

Shake a leg: To prepare to move or to move at a faster pace

Shake and Bake: NCOC Graduate.

Shake and Bake: Enlisted man promoted to Sgt after 90 days of training.

ShakeNBake: Graduate of NCO school

Shallow Water Sailor: member of the Coast Guard

Sham: Looking Like you are busy working but in actuality you are not working and just trying to stay out of sight

SHAM: Loaf, avoid work.

Sham Artist: Soldier expert in shirking duty

Sham Shield: Specialist rank insignia in the Army

shame shield : Army E4 Spc

Shamin: Getting away without doing any work

shaming: to have found a way to skip out of work, skipping work


Shammer: Person that avoids work or finds a way to get out of work.

Shammer: One that does no work, or constantly finds ways out of work.

Shammin: When a soldier is being lazy or finds a way out of their duties.

shamming : Goofing off not working

Shamming: Some one is pretending to do their job but hiding from work.

shamming: to go duck an hide from work: goofing off

Shamming: Goofing off, being lazy.

Shamming: Pretending to work while actually doing nothing.

Shamming: Acting like one is working

shamurai warrior: Soldier in the Army that does no work.

Shanker: M-155A1 Sharidan Tanker

Shanker Mechanic: Corpsman

Shave Tail: Term for a female officer that doesn't know her Job or place in the unit.

Shave Tail: 2nd Lt.

Shave tail: A brand new 2nd LT. Came from the days of mule skinners in the Army. A brand new untrained mule was a dangerous and unpredictable creature so they shaved the tail to identify it.

Shave Tail: Second Lieutenant - Army

Shave Tails: Slang for 2nd lieutenants.

shave-tail: a newly commisioned officer (a green broke mule)

Shavetail: Second lieutenant

Shavetail: Newly minted 2nd Lt.

She who MUST be Obeyed: Wife.

Shellback: Navy Personel that crossed equator in ship

shellback: navy personal that have passed the equater

Shellback: Submariner that crossed the Equator

Shellback: One whom has been initiated for the crossing of the equator.

Ship Over: Re-enlist

ship over: re-enlist

ship-over (USMC): re-enlist

Shirt: Airforce first sargent

Shirt: USAF 1st Sgt


Shit Bird: Good for nothing, lazy soldier

Shit Bird: A soldier with a low IQ

Shit Bird: Any member of the Armed Forces that doesn't meet standards or is generally concieved as a screw off.

Shit Burner: Latrine duty.

Shit for brains!: A dumb soldier

Shit head: Unit joker

Shit in a Sea Bag: Stuffed Bell Pepper

shit on the shingle: meat sauce on toast

Shitbird: A Marine that doesnt look or act the part.

Shitbird: one who cannot perform his duties, does not apply himself

Shithook: Chinook helicopter

Shithook: Chinook helicopter

Shitter: The toilet, bathroom, or head.

Shitter: Common term for CH-53 helicopter (Marines)

Shop Rat: Ground vehicles that need constant repairs.


Short: 3 days and a wake up

Short: time to leave, Ets, Dros

Short: Close to discharge or transfer

Short Arm: Late night{you know what Insp.}

Short arm inspection: used for VD determination

Short Arm Inspection: Used in the Navy to describe a check for VD.

Short Arm Inspectipm: Navy - VD Check some times done in pay line

short between the headsets: Eroneous crap written up by a pilot

Short Hand Inspection: A Naval terminology for venereal disease check upon getting up in the morning prior to urinating or using the urinals.

Short Sheet: When your GI buddies make your bed folding the first sheet in half

Short Timer: Less than 30 days to serve.

short timer: soon to ETS

Short Timer: Less that 30 day left in country

Short timer: a soldier with a short time left to go on V.N. tour.


short timer: anyone with less than 6 months left till seperation

short timer: one with less than 90 days before rotating for discharge

Short Timer : One who is near their discharge date

Short Timer: Less than 90 days left

Short Timer: Less than 90 days before discharge or separation

Short Timer Chain: Chain made of paper links denoting length of time left in enlistment. One link is removed each passing day.

Short Timers Disease: Anyone serving with less than 90 days left of military service.

Short Timers Stick: Imaginary stick Vietnam Vets carried for time left in NAM

Short-arm inspection: Check for venereal disease

Short-sheeted: One sheet folded in half that appeared to be 2 sheets

Short-Snorter: Roll of paper money carried which was signed by every passenger on a plane, just for luck.

Short-timer: Not long to go on enlistment.

Shower Shoe: Marine just out of Boot Camp

Shower Shoe: A recruit or new marine who lacks experience

Shower Shoe: Someone fresh out of boot camp.. Lower than a Boot

Shreddies: Underwear

Shu Ship Shio : Hurry fast

shut your nasty suck: stop talking

Shutter Bug: Navy Photographer.

Shutter Bug: Navy Photographer

Sick Bay: The first aid station, medical treatment facility, or hospital.

Sick-bay Commando: Marines who are usually found either in the sick-bay or the Battalion Aids Station

sick-call ranger: soldier who gets out of work by feigning medical problems

side saddle hops: jumping jacks,usmc

side stepping beach creature: civilian employee (crab)

Sierra Hotel: Phonetic for Shit Happens

Sierra Hotel: Radio phonetics for a really good thing

Sight Picture: What you tell Mortar boots to find.

signal gun: device for firing a flare or rocket while submarged

Silver Bullets: Penecillin shots to treat an STD


Sin Loui - spelling not correct: sorry bout that (Vietnam)

SINCGARS: Single Channel Ground Air Radio System.

Sinloi: Tough Shit

SinLoi: Sorry About That

sinloi minoi: sorry honey

Sir, Yes Sir, Chief: Yes Sir.

Sit Rep: situation

Sit Rep : Situation report


Sitrep: Situation report.

SitRep: Situation report

Six: Your back as in "who's got my six?"

six p: Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Six week wonders: Air Force Medic

Sixty nine: Shipboard sleeping procedure in which sailors are bedded head/foot alternately in their same level of bunk beds.

skate: Lazy airman

Skate: A soldier who does very little work.

skate: Some one who hides from the supervisors so they dont have to do work

skate: someone who avoids 100% work or hides from working.

Skate: Person who got out of work

Skate: A Marine that gets by doing very little or nothing, by kissing up to the NCOIC or OIC.

skater: showing up when all of the work is already done.

Skating: Loffing off when suppose to be working.

Skating A.K.A Scamming: Doing everything possible to do as little work as possible.

Skimmer: What a surface ship is called by Submariners

Skimmer: Submarine community lingo for a surface ship.

Skimmer: Surface Officer.

Skimmer: Any non-submarine sailor

Skimmer puke: What a surface fleet sailor is to a Submariner

skimmer puke: surface navy personnel

Skin: The hull of a ship.

Skin Head: New boot after the first hair cut.

Skinny: Info, News

Skins on toast: white gravy with mixed dried beef on toast

Skip: Submarine Knowledge Impaired Person.

Skipper: Marine Corps Captain, Ship commander Navy

Skipper: Is also a term used to address a Marine Corps Captain (you better have at least 3 stripes before you do it)

Skipper: The Commanding Officer of a Navy ship.

Skippy: Low ranking SLACKER.

skivies: underwear: shorts or t-shirts

Skivvie Stackers: Navy Storekeepers.

Skivvies: Underwear

Skivvy Niner: Member of the 6903rd

Skivvy Waiver: US Navy Signalman

Skivvy-waver: Navy signalman skilled with semaphore flags.

Skivy Honcho: Womanizer

Skivy house: House of ill reput.

Skoshi: Little . . . very small

Skoshi or Skosh: Little

Sky: Leaving this place

Sky Hook: Really 34-ft tower air for those who miss the mound

Sky Hook: Ficticious tool to send airborne recruit after

sky hook: imaginary hook, needed to reach a high place used on new recuits

Sky Hook: Non-existant item that recruits were sent to retrieve ... Usually the dimmest bulbs were instructed to retrieve the Sky Hook!!

Sky Hook: A Crane


Sky Pilot: Minister,Priest,Rabbi

Sky Soldier: Paratrooper

Sky-hook: Imaginary tool for lifting a tank turret from the hull.

Skycop: USAF Security Policeman


skylark: stare off into space, goof off

Skylark: In general, to screw off or mess around

Skylarking: screwing around

Skylarking: Horseing around, not paying attention

Slant: Slang for Charlie

Sleeping Bag: Bunny Sack.

Slick: Troop Carrying Helo

Slick: Huey Cobra or heavily-armed UH1-B Helicopter

slick sleeve: new recruit

slick sleeve: a soldier who hasnt earned a deployment patch and/or hasnt deployed yet

slick sleeve: basic tranning grad

Slicksleeve: Private

slicky boy: common thief


Slider: Chow Hall Burger

Slider: A hamburger from the fast line on an Aircraft carrier

Slider or Hockey Puck: Hamburger

Sliders: Hamburgers.

Sliders: Hamburgers served at chow

Slip lip or shaved tail: Female Laut.

Slit trench: Field latrine

sloop shute: beer joint

Slop Chut: Enlisted Club

Slop Chute: The EM Club, not the PX.

Slop Chute: The Unit beer bar...or any local bar

Slop chute: Enlisted service club (SC)

slop chute: where you get beer

Slop Chute: P X or a place to buy Poggie Bait

Slop Jockey: Galley Cook

slop shute: em club, nco club. Anything with a bar.

slopchute: A camp building place to buy sodas, candy etc.

Slow Leak: An Airman who takes his time working on an aircraft. This was used alot in SAC.

SLUF: An A-7 Corsair ll

Slum: Mess hall stew.

Slumming: Officer class hanging out with enlisted class off duty.

Slush: Loan until payday 10 for 20 ect.

Slush Fund: Money to loan out with interest.

SMAJ: Command Sergeant Major


Smilin: Helo Pilot

Smoke and joke: Laugh & Take a break

Smoke Boat: Dtesel/electric Submarine

Smoked: punishment enforced through excersise

Smoken 4: An F-4 Phantom ll

Smoker: Boxing match

Smoker: Boxing Matches

Smoking: What Drill Sergeant do to Privates that screw up. Involves Pushup and other torture impliments

Smoking "flats": C-Ration Cigarettes, Square instead or round from being in Pack in C-Rations

Smoking Lamp: In the Navy, when it was lit you could smoke and when it wasn't you couldn't


Smurfs: New recruits wearing blue PT gear

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up!

SNAFU: Situation Normal All Fu**** Up

snafu: situation normal all f&*^%$# up

SNAFU: Situation normal, All Fouled UP.

SNAFU: Situation Normal All F#$ked Up

Snake: AH-46 Cobra Helo

Snake: North Vietnamese Air Force nickname for green-stripe camo'ed MiG-17 fighter.


Snake: Cobra Gunship

Snake and Nape: Close Air Support , 250lb.High explosives bombs followed by Napalm

Sneaky Pete: Special Forces personnel

Sneaky Pete: LLERPS, on patrol,and whispering on the radio,FM, for extraction cause the Bad guys were close

Sneaky Petes: Special Forces


snipe: sailors that work in the engine rooms

Snipe: Engineman

Snipe: Naval Personnel in shipboard engineering divisions.

Snipe: Someone who worked in Engineering Dept

Snipe: Engine room specialist

Snipe: Navy engineer.

Snipe: Engineering personnel working below deck.

Snipe: Anyone working below decks in engine area.

Snipe: Fireman rates (Navy) anyone who works below deck

Snipe: US Navy Engineer

Snipe: Rating in the Navy

Snipe: A NAVY Main Propulsion Engineer

Snipe: Used by Sailors as slang for an engineer type such as an Engineman or anyone working in "the hole".

Snipe: Person who rarely works above deck on a ship.

sniper: NVA officer who infiltrates the perimimters of base camps to set charges without being detected

Snivel gear: Infantry term for anything to keep one dry or warm

Snoopin: A long RECON.

Snowball: New Army Recruit

snuffy: marine enlisted e-1 to e-3, not nco

Snuffy: New Boy


SOG: Sergeant of the Guard; NCO in charge of guard detail

SOL: SH** Outta Luck

SOL: Shit out of Luck

soogee: scrub with scouring powder and water

Soogie: To clean things.

soogie: coast guard term: to wash down bulkheads,gangways,ect

SOP: Standing Operation Procedure

SOP: Standing Operating Procedure. Not Standard.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOS: SH_t On the Shingle, Which is really chip beef and sauce.

SOS: Shit On Shingle hamburger meat sauce on toast

SOS: "Sh*@ on Shingle" - ground beef cooked with cream gravy served on toast. Still in use today.

SOS (Navy): Crumpled browned hamburger in tomato sauce gravy served on toast.

SOS (S--- on a shingle: Stewed tomatoes with hamburger and onions

Soup Sandwhich: Try making one....

Soup Sandwich: Someone who would look good if their uniform was squared away

Soup Sandwich: Something really messed up

Soup Sandwich: A soldier who isn't ready or wet behind the ears.

Soup Sandwich: Soldier who's not squared away..

soup sandwich: somebody who is not taken care of buisness

spark chaser: electricion USAF

Spark Chaser: Any Military Electrician

Sparks: A Naval Radio Operator, A Radioman by military trade.

sparky: Navy radioman

SPECTRE: C-130 Gunship

Speed Tape: Aluminum Tape used on Air Force aircraft exterior for quick repairs

spicer : SAS p38 can opener

Spit Shine: Putting a see thru gloss on the toes of your dress shoes or boots

Spit Sucker: Navy Dental Tech

Split Tail: A female member of the Armed Services

Spook: Someone working in cryptology, signals intercept. Army Security, Naval Security Group, Air Force Security Service.y

Spooky / Puff: AC-47 Gunship

spoon: a cook

Spoon: Army cook

Spoon: Army Cook

Spoon: Cook


Sqawk Box: The 1MC on a ship or the general announcing system, or the 21MC sound system between stations.

Sqib or Swabby: Sailor

square: cigaretts

squared away: you have it all together ( uniforms and equipt)

Squared Away : Wearing Uniform Properly (Marines)

Squared Away: Tip top shape, good soldier,gear, equiptment.

squared away: a soldier who had his/her stuff together and was looked upon as an example

Squared Away: Navy lingo for top notch person, or to square away as to clean up and put in order.

Squared Away: Taking care of

Squared Away and Ship Shape: Everything in order (navy)

Squeegee Sharpener: Something "strikers" were sent searching for.

Squelch Juice: Imagined gun lube to send afresh boot cruit searching for

Squelch oil: A liquid used to better radio reception!

squid: anyone in the navy

Squid: Navy Personnel

squint: image interpreter

Squishys: Armor slang for Infantry

SSDD: same sh** different day

SSDD: Same Sh@#, Different Day.


stand from under!: watch out overhead

Stand To: Standing Ready at Pre and Post Nautical Twilight

Stand-by to Stand-by: Wait and keep waiting.

Star light Star bright: Night vision equipment

Star light Star bright: night vision device

Starry Eyed: Phrase given to any officer that goes out of their way to please a General, usually by overworking the enlisted

Station Dito: Tagalong (Filipino) for "I'm stationed here."

Steel Beach: Flight Deck open for recreation

Steel Beach Picnic: A party for sailors (usually to celebrate a holiday while at sea) on a portion or all of a weather or flight deck

Steel Pot: Helmet

Steel pot: The steel part of the helmet

Stencil stretcher: An imaginary tool a recruit was sent to fetch from the Supply Room.

Sterile Fallopian Tube: What newbie are sent to Sick Bay for

Sterile water line: What newbies are sent to the Deck Office for.

Stew Burner: US Navy Cook

Stew Burner: Navy Cook

Stewburner: cook

Stickies / Bluies: Letters from home

Sticky Buns: Cinnamon Rolls.


Stockade: Army compound equivalent to civilian jail.

STOL: Short Takeoff and Landing

STOLE: stratigic transfer of logistic equipment.

stoping on a DIME: stopping very quicklY or dead in your Tracks

Stopper Room: A space where a new recruit is sent below decks to let the water out of the ship.

STRAC: *** original *** Shit The Russians Are Coming

STRAC: Combat ready, Stategic Army Command

STRAC: Squarred away, together, ready to rock and roll

STRAC: Stupid Troops Running Around Circles

STRAC: Scram The Russians Are Coming

STRAC: (Army) Skilled, Tough, Ready Around (the) Clock - soldier who is totally squared-away in every aspect

STRAC (corrected): Strategic ,Trained, and Ready Around the Clock

STRAC (to Airborne Personnel): Looking Sharp!

straggler patrol: the unlucky soul(s) whose job during road marches and long runs was to bring up the rear and corral all the soldiers who didn't quite have the stamina to finish on that particular day

Streamer : A parachute that fails to open

Strike Force: on card

STUMP: Stupid Tanker Under Military Protection


summer creases (marine corp): sh** bird who looks like he got with the wrinkle bomb ,summer creases: some are here , some are there

Super Connie: C-121

super dooper paratrooper: highly skilled & motivated airborne troop


support: anybody not infantry

Surf and Turf: Lobster tail and Steaks served on the aft mess deck

Susie rotten croutch: Marine slang for girlfriend.

suzy rotencrouch: girlfriend at home

Swab: Mop

Swab jockey: Navy deck hand

Swabe: Sailor.

SWAG: Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

SWAG : Scientific Wild A$$ Guess

Sweet Lucy: Koolade

Swelly Belly: Sweaty belly-button.

Swimmer: Viet Cong in water attempting to place explosive charge on ship's hull.

swoop: go to the area where you can catch a ride home to your home state

swoop - swooper: To go home on a weekend or short pass - a place to find a ride home

Swoop God: Used by returning Viet-nam veterans at state side hoping for a week-end liberty ( We prayed to the Swoop God for a weekend pass )

Swoop Kit: Personal kit of spare parts for Minuteman III ICBM maint. enables airman in SAC to swoop in and out fast.

SYL: Say Your Last.

t d y: off base

T I G: Time in grade

t-bar stretcher: Non existant tool for booters

T-Rats: T-Rations, Usually green in color food that is heated by submersion in hot water. (usually 1 feeds a squad of troopers)

TACAMO: Take Charge And Move Out!

TACP: Tactical Air Control Party

TAD: Temporary Additional Duty

TAD: Temporarily Assigned Duty (Travel Around Drunk) same as TDY


TAD: Officially, Tempory Additional Orders, but Navy slang for Travelling Around Drunk.

TAD: Temporary Additional Duty

TAFT: Tired ass first termer.

TAI PIE : Any type of Asian Chick.

Tail end charlie: Last plane in a formation. Less used, tail gunner.

tail end charlie: last marine in squad

Tail end charlie: Last guy walking on patrol

take a burst of 5: reup for 5 more years

Taking a Dirt Nap: Dead.

Tang Drinker: Those Exposed To Agent Orange.

Tango Uniform: Everything went bad

Tango Uniform: Translation "Tits Up" when something fails to operate.

Tango Uniform/Titts Upp: All Okay

Tango Union: *its Up (Dead)

Tango Yankee Mike: thank you much

Tango Yankee Victor Mike: Thank You Very Much

tango-uniform: tits up-------otherwise broken

Tankum Powder or 2 feet of dust: The fine dust tracked vehicles grind the tank trail into

Tape Ape: Teletype operator

Taps: Lights out

Taps: Lights out.

TARFU: Things Are Really Fouled Up.

TARFU: Things Are Really F**ked Up!!!

Target: Submariners reference for surface ship

Target: Submarine speak for a surface ship.

TASFUIA: Things are so fouled up it`s amusing.

tdy: temporary duty yonder

TDY: Army assignment on "Temporary Duty".

TDY: Temporary duty

Tea Girl: Bar Girl Vietnam

TEA=FFEE: When the coffee and hot tea get mixed.

TED: Typical Enlisted Dude.

Teeny-Weeny Airlines: USAF term for TWA Airliners

Telegraph: Ike's Retreat Cottage in England, "Telegraph Cottage," Supersecret Name

Telephone Colonel: Lt. Colonel, O-5

ten feet of flight line: used on new crewchief to retrieve

Terminal Rectal Defilade: When ones head is so far up his arse that one needs a pane of glass in ones stomach!

Terp: Civilian Interpreter in Afghanistan

Terry: Term for Terrorist or Insurgent.

TFFTI: Two F**king FAST To Identify.

That: Radio talk for "you are correct"

Thats a code 269: Pardon me sir but obviously you have me confused with someone who gives a shit

The "bush": Jungle in VietNam

The "Family Jewel": Brass strainer in Army urinal thought to be polished by "boots".

The 3rd HERD: The 3rd Armored Division

The 6 P's: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

The 7 Ps: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

The balloon has gone up: DefCom 2 - worst possible scenario

The Barker: Big artillery piece.

The beach (Navy/USMC): any place on land

The Brass: Superior Officers of any Military branch

The Buzzers: Signal Corps.

the dope: news

The Dying Cockroach: When I goofed in the PT Pit at Benning

The eagle shit: Payday

The Eagle Shits: Pay Day

The Flying Cigar: US Flyer's term for the Mitsubishi G4M & G6M twin-engined bombers (Japanese)


The Force: USAF

The Gut: Off limits section of city on liberty call..

The Hawk: Wind, as in, The Hawk is out tonight.

The Hawk or the Shitty Kitty: The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk CV-63

The Head of a head : The Bath room or pot smoker

The House of 10,000 Pleasures: At first a specific House of Prostitution in Saigon under the French & Americans-(Destroyed Tet '68), Later applied to expensive "Houses" anywhere in Vietnam.

The Jug: P-47 Thunderbolt fighter

The Little Red School House: General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Paris Headquarters

The lowest bidder: The answer to: "Who made this junk equipment?"

The Master Puzzle Palace: Headquarters

The Pit: Engineering space aboard ship

The Pit: Marine Boot Camp Sand Pit in which lots of exercise are done for punishment.

The pond: The Atlantic ocean

The Q: Bachelor Officer's Quarters

The ramp: The flightline on an Air Force base.

The Rock: Hahn AB, Germany

The Rock: Okinawa

The Screaming Chickens : What a jump qualified Marine calls the Armys 82nd Airborne

The Sh%tter: The toilet

the Shack: barracks

The Trots: Diaorreah, loose bowels

The Truck: Nickname for the A1E Skyraider, Ex-USN, adapted by USAF for close support aircraft.

The Ville: In Korea, "The Ville" is any town just outside of camp.

The whole 9 yards: All of the 27 feet of ammo fighter pilots carry on board

The world: Back home, USA

The World: Anyone stationed overseas referring to the states.

The World: USA - Home.

The World: U. S. OF A.!

Things on the Springs: Uniform and equipment inspection (USMC)

This old world and the BAR-B-Q: Having a bad day

Thousand yard stare: shock, fatauge,war weary, seen too much

three churning- one burning: aborting a patrol with a engine out

three dits, four dits,two dits, dah: morse code for SHIT

Three Sheets to the Wind: Drunk as hell.

thrill a minute: getting the job done for the good old USA

Thud: F-105 jet fighter


Thumper: M-79 Granade Launcher

Thumper, Blooper, Elephant Gun, Bloop Tube: M79 Grenade Gun

thunder chicken: F 105

thunder mug: toilet

Ti Ti: Small.

Ti Ti: Small, little, short

Ti-Uy: Lieutenant

Tic: Measurement

tick: fire fight

Tien Bing: Chinese for Sky Soldier; appears on my 173rd Airbone Brigade

Tightie Whites: Under ware navy.

tin can: small naval ship, Destroyer type

Tin Can: Destroyer

Tin Can: US Navy destroyers.

Tin Can Sailor: Sailor on a Destoryer (used in all Era)

tin tit: can of evaporated milk on table for coffee

Tin-Can: Destroyer

TITLESS WAF: A male clerk Air Force

Titless WAF: A USAF Male Clerk Typist

Titless WAVE: A male in the administrative ratings.

Tits Up: Broken.

TJ Raider: Caught the clap in Tijuana

TL-29: Standard issued pocket knife.

TMI IDC: too much information I dont care

To many chiefs not enough braves: Everyone is in charge and no one to do the work.

Toe-Maine-Tony: A cook aboard Navy ship

Too easy: Used in army to mean you can do the task.

Tooth Fairy: Navy Dentist

Top: First Sergeant

Top: Marine slang for E-9

Top: Sergeant.

Top: First Sergeant.

TOP: First Sergeant.

Top: First Sergeant.

TOP: First Sgt.

TOP: First Sgt

TOP: in the ARMY it's the name you call your FIRST SGT

TOP: The First sergant

TOP: Trainer of Professionals (Co. First Sergeant)

TOP: First Sergeant

Top: Marine term for 1st sgt

Top: Army & Marine First Sergeant

Top: High ranking enlisted soldier

TOP and First Shirt: Army First Sgt. Was raised by a SMS Sgt Top is what the men called in. I called a 1st Sgt that in the AF & I was in uniform - everyone thought me nuts - she knew I w

top it off: fill it up with fuel

Top kick: First Sergeant

Top kick: 1st Sgt.

top kick or top: first sergeant

tour of duty: time in service

Tow Critter: USMC 0352s name given by Tankers when the 0352s had jeeps

TR 2E Tester: TREE Tester (for electrical FNGs)

Trace Ace: Senior AC&W Operator

Track Lube: Infantry as referred to by Tankers

Track Pad: MRE Chocolate Bar.

Track Pad: An MRE Chocolate Covered Brownie

Track Pads: Pancakes

Tractor Rat: Amtrac Crewman

Train Tracks : Army Captain

Training Films: Porno films

Trans-Dedido Airways: Mythical Airline at Anderson AFB, Guam--It supposedly only flew around Guam

TRASH: Typical Rear Area S**t Head

Trash Can: USAF term for Trans Caribbean Airlines in MAC


tread head: armored mos, tanker

Tree: A term used by the WACS for any males.

Tree's: Prior to the proliferation of cammies, Marine personnel embarked on Navy ships.

Trick-trash: Rotating shift-worker at a 24-hour Intel site or facility

Trim Party: Prank pulled on new diving officer on a submarine when personnel upset the balance of a sub while submerged.

Triple Nickle: Air Force Civil Engineer

Triple Nipple: Air Force KB-50 Refueling aircraft (TAC)

Troop and stomp: USMC close order drill

trouble: VietNam

true that: thats right

Trukey: An F-14 Tomcat

Trusty Shellback: Person who has completed Shellback ceremony and possesses a Shellback card and doctrine signed by King Neptune himself.

TSTSI: Too Short To Sweat Ut

TT: Bad situation - Tough second T A part of the anatomy

tt rough: having a hard time

TTK: Tech train killer

Tube of Squelch: Imaginary Radio Part newbies are sent for when radio doesn't work

Tube steak: hot dog

Tunnel Rat : Going down in holes in the ground in Vietnam to search

Tunnel Rat: One who went down to search out charlie or other things.

Turd Chaser - Navy: Hull Technician assigned to unclogging plumbing

Turd Shirt: Navy Plane Captain named so because his shirt was brown.

Turkey Farm: Place where prostitutes stand outside houch and holler at the G Is as they go to the village

Turn - Too: A Navy term, with two fingers forming a peace sign and turning them from side to side means - "get to work"

Turn To: Get to work (Navy).

Turn To: Get to work

Turn too: Get to work

Turn Two (Commonly shown by rotating the peace sig: Get to work

Turn-to! Boss holds up and twirls two fingers: Get your hiney to work!

Turtle: A turtle is your replacement. Your not going home until your turtle arrives.

Turtle: New recrute right out of AIT

Turtle: When I was Stationed in Korea in the 80's, It meant a newbe

Turtle Farm: Holding compound for new arrivals-Camp Casey Korea

Turtle Trap: Drainage ditch that new troops in korea fall into (especially when returning from the club).

TWAT: Tanker without a tank

Tweets: Aviation Electronic Technician-Navy

Tweety Bird: small training jet airplane

Twice and a half / duece and a half: 2 1/2 ton truck

twidget: any technical Navy rating

Twidget: Top Side Sailor

Twidget: Anyone in the US Navy Electronic field

twiget: any navy electronic tech rating

Twigits: Personnel in electronic ratings in the Navy.

Two Digit Midget: From day 99 to day 10 before going PCS or getting out.

Two digit midget: Anyone with 99 to 10 days left till discharge

Two Handled Truck: Army Wheel Barrow

two point PLF: feet, head instead of the normal 5 point parachute landing fall

Two-turnin, Two-burnin: P2V Sub Chaser on patrol

U S A F: You Sure Are F***ed


U.S. A.R.M.Y.: backwards is Yes My Retarded A*& Signed Up


U.S.M.C.: University of Science, Music, and Culture. For Science, we learned the science of warefare. For Music we learned the Marine Corps Hymn. For Culture, we went to foreign lands and killed foreign people.

U.S.M.C.: Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

UA the AO: UNASS the AREA of OPERATION: Leave or get out of there.

Un-ass the AO: Get out of the current location

Unass the AO: Get the heck away from wherever you are

Uncle Sam: Used by Navy corpsmen to refer to Marines.

Uncle Sams Canoe Club: United States Navy

Under Way: Out to sea.

Unsat: Messed Up/Unsatisfactory/F-d Up

UOD: Uniform Of the Day - Sleeves Up/Down

Up a nickel, Up a quarter: Way of telling others what to change frequency on the radio without letting charlie know exactly how much

up and atem: get ready--Lets go

up and on: up off your ass and on your fet

URI: Usually reliable intelligence

US Army: Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet

US ARMY: Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet

US Army purple, orange, red, or blue: Any gasoline colored to show that it was stolen from the US Military.

USARV: United States Army Republic of Viet-Nam

utilities: Marines everyday uniform commonly known as fatigues in other branches


Utilities: Marine working uniform


V-Girl: Underaged American Girls who chased anyone in uniform or picked them up in bars--V-Girls did not charge for what they did.

Vert Rep: The used of helo's to supply ships at sea. Vertical Replenishment.

Vert-Rep: Helo supply replenishment at sea from ship to ship.

VFW: veteran of foreign wars

victor charles : viet cong theyhezz

Victor Charles: Slang for Viet Cong

Victor Charlie: Viet Cong

VietNam Vets do it better in the bush: Dedicated

Viper: What their pilots actually call the F-16 "Fighting Falcon"

Visibility check.: When a new troop on an Airfield/Parking Ramp is asked to wave their arms, first one, then the other,then both, then the tower gives them clearance to take-off.


Vomit Comet: C-130

Vomit Comet: Bus taking you back to base on pay day night

Vomit Comet: Bus returning to base after night on town

VTOL: Vertical Takeoff and Landing

W M: Woman Marines


WAC: Women's Auxillary Corp


wag: wild ass guess

WAG: Wild ass guess -an estimate when a certain job will be accomplised

Wall to Wall Counseling: A term to describe, throwing new Army recruits

wall watch: Recon plt in Berlin on patrol of the wall



Wasted: Killed,as in we wasted every MF in our wire

Watch your top notch: Don't know

Watch/cover my six: watch my a**

watching TV: Recruit punishment, Push-up position, elbows on floor hands on chin, DI would ask what you were watching and make you change channels, hurt a lot after 10 or 15 min

Water Buffalo: A rubber bladder used to hold drinking water in the field

Water Buffalo: Tough Roast Beef


water closet: shower

Water King: Navy Petty Officer who was charged with the maintenance of the evaporators onboard ship. Water was a valuable substance.

water walker: air traffic controller

water wings: surface navy qualifaction pin

Waterline: The place where a ship sits in the water. Often what boots on a ship were sent to retrieve.

Waterline: It's nothing to get. It's what we tell new crew members fresh out our boot camp to get. It's actually the waterline of the ship.

Watersides: Cleaning scale out of the boilers by Boiler Technicians


Wave cage: Barracks for enlisted women

WAVES: Women's Auxillary Volunteer Enlisted Service.

WAVES: Women Auxillary Volunteers for Extraordinary Services.

WC Repair Kit: Newbies sent to search for a Windshield Repiar Kit

we lost our bootbands: unknown

We work to please: We unload ships for the Marines

Weed: new recruit

Weekend Warrior: National Guardsman

Wet Bread: Slow on the up-take.

WETSU: We Eat That Shit Up

wetsu: we eat this shit up


wetsu: we eat this shit up

WETSU: we eat this shit up

WETSU: We Eat This S%&t Up

wetsu: we eat this s#!$t up

wetsu !: we eat this sh** up!

WETSUE: We eat this sh*t up everyday

Whale: U.S. Navy Douglas A-3D "Sky Warrior" (carrier capable).

What Air Force personnel say Army stands for:: Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday

What does APO stand for: Mailing address for the military.

What The F&%K, Over?: What do you mean?

Whats the skinny: Whats going on or whats happening

Wheels Up, Heels Up: What Aircrewmen do after takeoff.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: What the F%#k

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over: What the F&%#, Over. Used in response to an unbelievably stupid instruction, usually over the radio.

Whistle bearies and tube steaks...: HOT DOGS & BEANS! ! ! !

Whistling Death: Name of USMC ace Gregory "Pappy" Boyington's Corsair fighter

White hats: Air Force Base police

White Mice: Vietnamese National Policemen

White Rock: Radio call sign often used in Combat! to designate 1st squad of King Company's 2nd platoon (Saunders' squad).

white sidewalls: close haircut like crew cut

White socks: not using military issue od socks

White Walls: Hair cut sides shaved

White Whale: A General's plane--General Abrams's was a C-123.

Whole Nine Yards: Length of a machine gun ammo link

Whole nine yards: When a bomber gunner used his entire belt of .50 cal ammunittion which measured exactly 27 feet on a single target..

Whole Nine Yards: All of something

why are you just ditty boppin along?: just taking you ole sweet time

WIIFM: What's in it for me.

WIIFM ( pronounced ' wif um ' ): What's in it for me?

Wild Chicken: Wildflicken, Germany

Willy Peat: Artillery round - white phosphorous

Willy Pete: White phosphourus grenades-Thrown from Loaches or rockets from C Models or Cobra Heli Gunships



Willy Peter Bag: Water Proof Bag

Wimp Waver: A waiver from the doctor that got you out of doing anything physical

wind dummy: paratrooper

Wing Nut: Airmen in AirForce

Wing nut: Marine in the Air wing

wing nut: any USAF personnel

Wing nut: A man with one stripe

Winger: Anyone from the airwing

Wingnut: Air Force personnel

Wingnut: Marine assigned to an Air Wing

Wingnut: Airman

Wire Dawg/Wire God: Marine Corps 2512 Field Wireman

WireDawg: Telephone or Cable Technician

WM: Woman Marine

WM10: Woman Marine who is hot

WO-1 - Warrant Officer One: Wobbly One - Same crappy status as 2LT for one year

Wobbly One: A new W1 Warrant Officer

Wog: Naval Personel crossing equator for the first time

Wog (Pollywog): Person who has not yet crossed equator and gone through Shellback Ceremony

Woolly Boogers: That lint that comes from those wool blankets that gathers on the floor and under the beds

Woop-ping: The sound a new recruit's head makes in aviation AIT.(Advanced Individual Training)

WOPA: Warrant Officer Protection Agency-used when a Warrant was being chastised by an RLO(Real live Officer)

Work It!: Give whatever task was just assigned to you 110%.

working party: when ship gets it supplys and food. there's a human chain that goes all the way down to the supply room

World: Term for the USA

Worm: Name of brand new recruit at San Diego Navy boot camp.

WOXOF: Very dense fog, no viz. no ceiling(for flight ops.)

WRATGAS: Who Really And Truly Gives A Sh** - Warrant Officer wrote this on the board for me during a class break while teaching Army supply procedures.

wrinkle bomb : shi* bird who didnt press cammies

Wrinkle Neck Trout: Turds that were flushed overboard and floated to the surface.

Wrinkle Neck Trout: In the days before on board chemical holding tanks, CHTs raw sewerage was pumped directly overboard in port. Floating turds were referred to as wrinkle neck trout.

WTFO: What The F**k Over

XO: The Executive Officer of a Navy unit.

Yankee Station: South China Sea off of North Vietnam, area of ops for US Navy.

yard bird: civilian shipyard worker

Yard of Flight Line: What a new guy on the airfield goes after to bring back to his unit.

Yard of Flightline and a bucket of Propwash: What we sent Air Traffic Control newbies out to look for to get them out of our hair.

Yards: Native-Vietnamese U.S. allies Mountagnard people


Yes sir! no sir!: Shows respect

YGBSM: You Gotta Be Shi*in' Me

YMRA SU : yes my retarded ass signed up

ymrasu: your mother really aint so ugly opposite of uncle sam aint realeased me yet

Yoboseyo: To get attention.

Yoohoo: What Marine DI's called recruits

You better shake your head: Shape up

You buy Ill fly: Your buying the beer and Ill go to the PX and get it

you lock my jaws: You made me mad


Your bistro is here: your food is here

YRMASU: Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up

Zap: To kill Charlie

zebra: Air Force means an E-8, E-9

Zero: Officer.

Zero: Stop what you are doing and listen up.


Zero's: Navy enlisted term for Officers.

zero- dark- thirty: very early in the morning

Zero-To-Three: Marine Regulation Haircut


Zipper Head: soldiers hair cut with part down the middle

Zipper Suit: Flight Suit

Zipps: Commisioned officers

Zonk: Word yelled during morning formation when PT is cancelled for the morning.

Zoom Bags: Flight Suits

Zoomie: Anyone belonging to the Air Force. Used by Army people.

Zoomie: USAF Academy graduate

Zoomie: Any USAF Jet Fighter, an Army Term

Zoomies: Pilots

Zoomies: Airmen

Zulu: Time.

_______days and a wake up: days left before any major event

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Squid Billy: A Navy enlisted Person who listens to Hill Billy music.

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"Prop Wash" ( Wind coming from a propeller): What you sent new (O J T) air plane mechanics to supply room to get.

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F*#kin A: slang for any response, good or bad

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John Wayne: can opener

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OLD MAN: Squardon or Base Commander

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R & O: receiving and outfitting

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Sh**can (the old galvanized can): The barraks trash can, as in deep six that in the sh**can

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TILLIE: Crash crane used on carriers

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Top: 1st Sgt.

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Walking Point: First guy leading a patrol in jungle

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"A Weapons Carrier": A 2/4 ton Army vehicle (a size between a Jeep and a "Deuce and 1/2").

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"Class A's": Army Dress Uniform (Another name for ODs).

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"Cut a chogie": Leave in a hurry

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"DRAGONWAGON": M-123 10 Ton Tank Transporter.

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"Fagot" (bundle of sticks): MiG-15 Soviet-built fighter/interceptor (NATO nickname).

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"Fatigues": Army field or duty uniform. Now replaced by "Camos".

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"Go ask Gunny for the box of "ST-1: box of ST-ONES, get it? Marine Corps

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"Go tell it to the chaplain": A "brush off"; "don't tell us your problems."

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"Goon Platoon": Marginally performing "boots" put into a "F***Up" platoon for extra marches.

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"Hershey Bar":